Edition : Volume 2 No 1

Feng Shui Collection

Feng Shui and Summer Solstice Xia Zhi 夏至 Everything in the Universe has a Reason and a Season

Everything in the universe has a “Reason and a Season“ and this has been my strong conviction and belief. As days go by this affirmation not only reaffirmed my belief but unveiled many facets and…

Chinese Astrology

The Downfall of Najib Razak – A BaZi Perspective The Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister and his fall from Grace

  Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak was soundly defeated by his former mentor and by the combined determination of the Malaysian people.  Destiny was on their side, as the ancient practice of BaZi (Chinese Astrology) reveals…


International Feng Shui Convention 2017 – Manila Philippines FSML Snaps from the 14th IFSC in November 2017

The 14th annual  International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) was held in Manila Philippines in November 2017.  The theme for this year was - Feng Shui for Success. GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and our sister publication…

Fact File

Is Feng Shui the same as Geomancy? Have you ever wondered how feng shui came to be called geomancy?

How many times have you seen Feng Shui interpreted as geomancy? How many practitioners identify themselves as geomancers? Have you ever wondered how feng shui came to be called Geomancy?    GM Dr. Stephen Skinner explains…

Beginners Start Here

Ancient vs Modern Feng Shui How the Western Evolution of Happy Got Classical Feng Shui All Wrong

The constitution of Feng Shui (Wind-Water) as a physiognomy or geomantic art aims to explore and investigate the physical landscape of nature and how the specific environmental configuration impacts all living things. Even more revealing…

In Depth

Health and the Home – The Body as Landscape How does Feng Shui view health in the home?

How does Feng Shui view health in the home?  There are many different methods, some more complex, others very simple, some ancient, and some more modern interpretations.   Master Tyler J. Rowe explains. eng Shui and…

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