Author: Master S.BS Surendran

S.BS. SURENDRAN an accredited Feng Shui Master is an Electrical Engineer and an Associate Member of the Institution Of engineers India. A practicing Vaasthu Consultant for over 15 years and a top rated accredited Feng Shui master, practicing this art for over 14 years for Homes, Industries, Housing Development lots, Hotels, Restaurants, Multinational Corporate & Industrial Projects both in India and abroad. A consultant whose services were used for the very first time for adapting Fengshui even in Film Making and related projects has to his credit scores of clients and projects successfully turned out. A product of the Traditional and Authentic School of Feng Shui, he has been trained under many Grand Masters from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore who have not only imparted the subtle nuances and traditional secrets of Authentic Feng Shui but even methods which call for corrections without Enhancers or Gadgets too. Trained by Grand Masters Yap Cheng Hai, GM Lillian too, GM Raymond Lo, and inspired and supported by GM Vincent Koh, GM Tan Khoon Yong his Feng Shui methods have been much appreciated even by the Grand Masters for its simplicity and uniqueness. His specialty is Vaastu corrections through Feng Shui, Authentic Chinese Feng Shui, Pyramid Science and Dowsing.
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Ushering in Prosperity in the Year of the Yin Earth Pig 2019 Chinese New Year - Gong Xi Fa Cai

As we step into the New Year based on  Gregorian  Calendar Year which  begins on the 1st of January, countries which follow the Chinese Calendar and more specifically Feng Shui enthusiasts and Practitioners gear up…

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Feng Shui and Summer Solstice Xia Zhi 夏至 Everything in the Universe has a Reason and a Season

Everything in the universe has a “Reason and a Season“ and this has been my strong conviction and belief. As days go by this affirmation not only reaffirmed my belief but unveiled many facets and…