Are you interested in writing for us?  At FSML Magazine we welcome new articles for future editions, if you are an expert in the fields below and would like to be a contributor to FSML please feel free to submit your article to:

[email protected]

We also have many Feng Shui subjects that require research, we encourage and support Feng Shui students/consultants that are interested in publishing for the first time.

Our Guidelines:

  • We only accept original content exclusively for FSML
  • We do not accept advertising articles.
  • The subject must be relevant to Traditional (Classical) Feng Shui or Chinese Metaphysics
  • Please include your bio (100 words or less).  You may also add links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter pages if you want.
  • By submitting an article to FSML you accept our terms and conditions including any edits or changes we may recommend.
  • All submissions will be assessed and responded to within 7 working days.

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