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Western astrology as well as Vedic Astrology, uses the planets, the zodiac, stars and movement of these to predict the future. A central principle of astrology is integration within the cosmos. This is analyses using techniques of western astrology to answer – When will the medical impact COVID-19 end?

Answer: End of Dec 2020. In addition, this is why…Lockdown has been busy with WFH (working from home), but on weekends I have been taking lessons from Dr. Stephen Skinner on Western Astrology. I have been keen to understand if astrology does foretell the future. In this write up, I have emphasized on the month more than exact dates, so us to keep the story as simple as possible.

Much as, at work, we have been trying to see the 2007-2009 recession as different from that of 2020 pandemic and related economic downturn, there is one similarity: – Jupiter is in Capricorn, in both these cases. Jupiter stays approx. 12-17 months in a sign, and it debilitated in Capricorn because the progress oriented, lavish, happy planet is bound by the stricter stern Capricorn. Jupiter entered Capricorn in December ’19, and met its nemesis Saturn (planet of discipline and strict rules) who was also in Capricorn then. Unfortunately, Pluto (planet of death and underworld) was there too, and the two together had Jupiter pinned down.

Saturn moved to Aquarius (from Capricorn) on the 22nd of March – Aquarius is a sign for travel, change and movement, and Saturn subdued all of these elements.

Jupiter however goes retrograde in Capricorn from 14th of May 2020, and this is interesting because this is where Jupiter rebels. Jupiter will remain in retrograde in Capricorn until 13th of September when it goes direct. Protests and breaking of rules may be seen in this period.

Mars will enter Aries in June 2020. Mars will remain in Aries till January 7th 2021. The tricky period starts when Mars retrograde occurs from Sept.10th to Nov 13th. This seems especially worrisome because Saturn will come back to Capricorn on 29th of Sept – and will stay till 17th of Dec, until it exits to Aquarius. The period of Sept-Nov 2020 may see a war-like situation.

Jupiter and Pluto will stay in Capricorn through the year, and on 20th Dec – Jupiter will finally exit Capricorn to move to Aquarius. There is a high chance that the medical impact of COVID will end soon after Dec 2020. In Jan 2021 – mid-April 2021, when Mercury flits into Aquarius and Pisces, we shall slowly see Air and Water travel revive.

Summary of predictions:-

  • Truly Annus horribilis
  • COVID’19 would end around end of Dec 2020/ Jan 2021 when Jupiter moves to Aquarius.
  • May-Sept 2020 will see protests
  • The months of Sept-Nov 2020 have warnings of a possible war/war-like situation.

How to manage this year – Capricorn likes hard work, so this is a year of working hard, whether you are working or studying you are likely to emerge the best of the situation if you maximise your efforts or did i just say the obvious?

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Singapore Feng Shui Central https://www.fengshui.net/travel/singapore-feng-shui-central-7427/ https://www.fengshui.net/travel/singapore-feng-shui-central-7427/#respond Fri, 10 Jul 2020 07:23:14 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7427 Even a seasoned traveler to Singapore may not be aware of the hidden Feng Shui meanings central to some of the city planning and building architecture.  However, GM Dr. Stephen Skinner provides a glimpse of how a simple road intersection may not be all that it seems. It is hard to deny the power of […]

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Even a seasoned traveler to Singapore may not be aware of the hidden Feng Shui meanings central to some of the city planning and building architecture.  However, GM Dr. Stephen Skinner provides a glimpse of how a simple road intersection may not be all that it seems.

It is hard to deny the power of the Five Elements of Feng Shui, with catastrophic bushfires, tsunamis and earthquakes are spectacular displays of nature’s energy and a constant reminder of our place in the order of things.

Indeed for centuries, Wood, Earth and, more recently Metal, have been used as the basic building materials responsible for protecting us from the onslaught of nature’s elements.

The Cycle of the Five Elements is the foundation of both BaZi and Feng Shui, with the understanding of the elemental interaction of both the Productive Cycle (Wuxing) and Destructive Cycle fundamental to their practice. Furthermore almost all Feng Shui remedies and enhancements are derived from the 5 Elements. 

Productive Cycle

Two of the most ancient formulas which explain this interaction in terms of the Five Elements are the Ho t’u and the Lo shu, and these will be examined more closely in connection with the eight trigrams. The first portrays the relationships of the five Elements in the Former or Early Heaven Sequence, in their yang aspect.

The Elements give birth to each other in the order shown in Figure 1. Thus, Wood burns to produce Fire, which results in ash (or Earth) in which Metal may be found. Metal is also found in the veins of the earth from which (according to Chinese thought) sprang the underground streams (Water) that nourish vegetation and produce Wood.

The 5 Elements Productive Cycle
The 5 Elements Productive Cycle – Figure 1

Destructive Cycle

The Later Heaven Sequence of the trigrams indicates the destructive order of the Elements. Each Element destroys another in the sequence as shown in Figure 2. Both these cycles are more easily appreciated in terms of the wide range of things covered by the “Elements.”

Feuchtwang (1974:42) admirably explains it: Wood is understood to be all vegetation, which is fed by Water, and swallows, covers, binds earth, is cut down by metal implements and [which Fire] ignites; if Water is understood to be all forms of fluid including the liquefaction of metal by fire, and which can be solidified by being stanched with earth; and if Earth is understood to mean all mixed, impure, and inanimate substances including the ash produced by fire.  

The 5 Elements Destructive Cycle - Figure 2
The 5 Elements Destructive Cycle – Figure 2

Singapore Feng Shui Case Study

Shaw House – Metal

The Orchard & Scotts Road intersection has four buildings on the corners, one of the oldest buildings is Shaw House which was opened in 1993.  It has two metal bands across the front of the complex and because of this and its shape it is a Metal building. 

Tang Tower – Wood Element

Across the road is the Tangs Tower, originally the Dynasty Hotel (opened in 1982) and now the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel   The building form was influenced by traditional Chinese culture and architecture, modeled after the Palaces in the Forbidden City. The color scheme of the C.K. Tang building mimics a traditional imperial palace, it has a top knot and green roof tiles symbolizing the notion of growth and prosperity, it’s straight up, resembling a tall pagoda this is obviously a rectangular Wood structure.

C K Tangs & Marriott Hotel left and ION Orchard Complex right
C K Tangs & Marriott Hotel left and ION Orchard Complex right

The yellow facade is symbolic of the color of royalty, and the red columns represent happiness. With octagonal decorations consistent all over the building, the 8 sided shape is auspicious as the number ‘8’, pronounced as ‘fa´ in Chinese dialect, implies prosperity.

Apart from the visually prominent octagonal roof form of the tower, there are several other instances of octagonal designs all over the building. These include the floor tiling, column base and ceiling decorations, and railings.  It was clearly built to represent Wood and it’s possible that Wood was significant for the Tang family.  

ION Orchard -Water Element

The next corner has the ION Orchard opened in 2009.  This building with its external faceted diamond like design with flat faces on a wavy geometric shape; this facade will reflect any poison arrows or Sha Chi from the busy intersection.  The external supporting tree like columns are purposely rounded so as not to create Sha Chi for either internal or external businesses. Tall residence apartment tower at the back provides support. The overall architecture of the ION complex clearly represents Water. 

ION Orchard
ION Orchard

This cluster of distinctive, colourful figures depicted in urban suits, is designed by Swiss sculptor Kurt Laurenz Metzler, and is the artist’s interpretation of the everyday demographics of city life and of the profiles that visit the mall.

The aluminum sculptures are prominently sited on the steps that lead into the mall and is a favourite photo spot for tourists and locals alike!

A popular attraction are Six statuettes that represent shoppers coming out of the ION shopping mall. The number 6 was recommended as this is a very auspicious number signifying luck from heaven in a feng shui context.

Urban People (2009) by Kurt Laurenz Metzler
Urban People (2009) by Kurt Laurenz Metzler

So now we have Metal, Wood, and Water buildings.   Indeed you may suspect that something is going on here, and we can’t say that the various architects did this deliberately, but they might have.

Wheelock Place – Fire Element

The last building is Wheelock Place also opened in 1993, the same year as Shaw House. The external structure of this shopping mall is conical in shape with well defined sharp edges  it obviously symbolizes Fire. 

Whether it is through sheer coincidence or otherwise the Tangs Plaza business was badly affected after the Wheelock Place was developed.  It is possible that without the controlling Water from the ION Orchard complex built later in 2009 that the combination of both the Wheelock Place (Fire) and the Shaw Centre (Metal) had an over powering effect on Tangs Plaza (Wood)

In 1995 the Dynasty Hotel was taken over by Marriott Hotel Group and in 2000 some major renovations were done to the front entrance.  What is surprising is that the configuration was cleverly designed backed by ingenious Feng Shui principles.

ION left Wheelock Place centre and Shaw House right
ION left Wheelock Place centre and Shaw House right

A keen observer will notice that on the sides of the front entrance of the Marriott Tangs Plaza there are two huge vases made of clay artistically painted in earthen color.  Also on top of the entrance a round-shaped false ceiling with six spotlights was constructed. As for the path leading  to the reception counter, miniature fountains with 6 running water on each side were built.

“This is truly remarkable Feng Shui at its best to contain the conflicting element of fire”

The two huge vases represent earth and we know that fire supports earth. The round-shaped false ceiling on top and six spotlights depict metal and obviously the miniature fountain symbolizes water meandering inwards. Hence the formula to exhaust the “fire”-Wheelock Place and subdue it by supporting earth (two huge vases) in turn support metal (false ceiling and six spotlights) in turn support water (fountain) and finally supports it’s own pagoda structure which is wood!


So now we have all four Elements except Earth, where is Earth?  As we know Earth is always at the center and is represented as a square.   Earth is infact the road intersection of Orchard & Scotts Roads; giving us all five Elements (Figure 3).

Shaw House, Tang Tower, ION and Wheelock Place
Shaw House, Tang Tower, ION and Wheelock Place

But how does this work?

Metal cuts Wood, Wood drains Water, Water extinguishes Fire and finally Fire melts Metal, its a Destructive Cycle.  Theoretically all four buildings should not do well, so we have to go back and read the classics which say:

“The Element I destroy creates my Wealth”

So these four buildings mutually create each other’s wealth and are at the center of Singapore’s main shopping street.  As long as the structures are not damaged this will keep cycling regardless of the period.  The buildings interaction are not period related.

Google Earth view of the Orchard & Scotts Road intersection
Google Earth view of the Orchard & Scotts Road intersection -Figure 3

So in summary I am not sure if the architects are being incredibly clever or if it was an incredibly good accident, but since we are in Singapore I suspect that somebody has deliberately created this co-prosperous arrangement of buildings. 

A new student of Feng Shui would say that this can not work with the Cycle of Destruction, but you have to know your classics!

For the benefit of some readers I would attempt to summarize  the forms in which the five elements are represented:

FireTriangle, conicalRed, purplePlastic
EarthSquare, cubeYellow, brownClay
MetalRound, cylinderWhiteMetal
WaterWave likeBlue, blackWater
WoodPagoda, RectangleGreenWood

Reference: Some content for this article was kindly provided in April 1998 by Master Chan (曾) via a letter to FSML.

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2020 Qi Men Dun Jia Forecast https://www.fengshui.net/special/2020-qi-men-dun-jia-forecast-7664/ https://www.fengshui.net/special/2020-qi-men-dun-jia-forecast-7664/#respond Thu, 09 Jul 2020 11:03:15 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7664 Do we tend to exaggerate in our annual forecasts? Maybe just a bit… This year for some reason, whatever we have forecast seems pale in comparison with what we are seeing on the news. any have forecast the viral infections spreading, including myself, but let us be frank, the viruses come and go every year. […]

The post 2020 Qi Men Dun Jia Forecast appeared first on Feng Shui for Modern Living.

Do we tend to exaggerate in our annual forecasts? Maybe just a bit… This year for some reason, whatever we have forecast seems pale in comparison with what we are seeing on the news.

Many have forecast the viral infections spreading, including myself, but let us be frank, the viruses come and go every year. It has never been such a big deal. It was the scale of the virus-related events as we saw on the media, which was not quite what we had expected.


This year, the difference between the reality shown by the media and the reality seen through the prism of metaphysical concepts, seems to be enormous. Could this have something to do with the interpretation?

From the Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) perspective, the annual events are determined by the character of the annual chart. The chart for 庚子 Geng Zi is ‘loud’. It is full of internal clashes. Good or bad, the clashes, as we know, generate movement. All the doors in the annual chart are either weak or voided, except for one, 死 Death door. It is in its prime strength.

Apart from the character of the chart, we decode the interaction between the components. Every component has multiple meanings and multiple possibilities for interpretation. There is also an annual hexagram, and the Purple White Stars (often referred to as Flying Stars). They are not equivalent. Purple White Stars are one variation of Flying Stars, which often contradicts the ‘normal’ Flying Stars.    

Annual Hexagram

This year the QMDJ annual hexagram is #44 姤Gou. The top five solid lines (Yang 爻 yao) are resting on a single broken line (Yin 爻 yao). What happens when we build a structure on a cracked foundation? Sooner or later it collapses unless it gets fixed. This is what the big picture of 2020 is about.

From the perspective of Yin-Yang theory, the Yin and the Yang are not balanced. The Yin is under pressure from Yang. It is this pressure which makes the Yin so resilient. It is frustrated, as it has nothing to lose. So, it forces its way up, to restore the balance.

If we translate this hexagram into socio-economic structure, it becomes obvious that changes come from the bottom. As the Yin climbs upwards, we begin to see the issues of women, indigenous people, refugees, and the racial minorities coming to public attention. We hear the news about the nursing homes and childcare centers. We hear the stories about the poor and unemployed queuing for food.

The viruses and bacteria also belong to Yin yao, as they are at the very bottom of the food chain and at the bottom of the hierarchy of living creatures on this planet. They are the tiniest living organisms which we know so little about. We pretend that they are not around, but the thing is… they are! This year, these tiny invisible creatures have made it all the way to our TV screens. Not only that, they were powerful enough to change the way we live.

If we search for solutions, we can follow the same logic. The answers are here in the hexagram. They have to do with restoring the balance in the way we live as a society and as individuals. Regarding the current health crisis, clearly it cannot be resolved without common sense (a balanced approach).

Rather than fighting the disease with the cocktail of chemicals injected into our bodies, we need to restore the Yin-Yang balance. We need to strengthen the Yin (the life essence). We need to rest more, we need to adjust our lifestyle and diet, so that the Yin of the body is nourished. This would help to restore the foundational strength, so that we can co-exist with viruses which are integral part of our living environment.


Annual Purple White Star#7 Po Jun

The annual Purple White Star (PWS) #7 Po Jun is related to 兑 Dui ☱ Marsh trigram. It is associated with the youngest daughter in the family and with all things cute and girly, such as singing, sex appeal and chit-chat. It also represents magic and divination. This year, we are witnessing an unprecedented interest in metaphysics and esoteric knowledge.

Other meanings of Po Jun relate to crime, surgery, stabbing and military conflict. Such a disparity in meanings may seem to be strange, but if we think of marsh being a dangerous place, which pulls you in, this makes sense.

兑 Dui trigram belongs to 金 Metal element, representing precious metals, rare earth minerals and sophisticated weapons.

As we rely more on technology, the control over the rare earth minerals becomes a matter of strategic importance for major world powers. For country such as the US, it is a matter of national security, as the advanced military equipment cannot be produced without lithium, neodymium, and other rare metals. The biggest supplier of these is China. The largest unexplored deposits of rare earth minerals are in North Korea.

In combination with 庚 Geng at the center of the chart, PWS#7 hints to a possibility of the military conflict in South East Asia and to a reason for it. 

These are 12 Global Trends which we will continue seeing for the rest of the year:

1.      Trade War between the US and China

2.      Possibility of Military Standoff

3.      Crime & Robberies

4.      Advances in Medical Science (genetics, surgery, research)

5.      Advances in Space

6.      Trains Crashes

7.      Problems in Aviation and Tourism Industry

8.      Mining Accidents, Explosions

9.      Historical Buildings on Fire

10.  Stabbings, Shootings and Bleeding

11.  Demolished buildings

12.  Violent Protests, Prisoner Riots

Second Half of the Year

In QMDJ the second half of the year begins with the Summer Solstice. It corresponds to 离Li palace. 壬午 Ren Wu month of June has been ‘hot’ with the BLM protests, with rioting, looting and vandalism. In the chart this is reflected in 离 Li and 坎 Kan palaces.

The Deity of Theft 玄武 Tortoise (水 Water) is in 离 Li (火 Fire). In this palace 玄武 Tortoise can fully express its nature, as it comes with the original door of wealth, 生 Grow. Taken for location, 离 Li can represent a capital city, downtown or a marketplace. This is where the looting has taken place.

离 Li can also represent the stock market. In June, as we know, it has been extremely volatile, thanks to presence of this inauspicious deity.

The annual PWS#2 (土Earth) in 离 Li (火Fire) is associated with ☷ 坤Kun trigram. In this context, it stands for mob.  It is being produced by the palace making it strong. The damage caused by the angry protesters has been unprecedented. The images of vandalized statues many of us will remember for a long time.

The chart reflects vandalism through the following combination in 坎Kan:

死Death (archives, land, history) + 天英 Grace (monuments) + 腾蛇 Snake (evil force, irrational behaviour, mentally unstable people). Annual PWS#3 (木 Wood) relates to 震Zhen (☳ Thunder) and it stands for swift action and aggression. This force is being produced by the palace (水 Water).


We are half-way through 2020 and it is obvious, that the old reality is giving way to something new, which is yet to shape out.  We are at the cross-roads.

The main events for July are shaped by 震 Zhen and 兑 Dui palaces, as this is where we find the interaction between the annual PWS#5 (in Zhen) and monthly PWS#5 (in Dui). Given the components here, we may expect further deterioration of US-China relationship. There is also a possibility of military conflict, as the 伤 Hurt (木 Wood) and 白虎 Tiger (金 Metal) is not a friendly mix.

In July we will see the worsening of the pandemic. 辛 Xin is revealed as a part of inauspicious 辛Xin – 癸Gui stem combination. 辛 represents a virus, a poison, and all things dangerous. Seating on its output (HO), it is active and strong, as the palace supports it. 伤 Hurt carries fast energy, and because the doors in QMDJ represent human action, we may conclude that the virus will be spreading fast, because of people’s behaviour.

The monthly PWS#9 may bring the numbers of infected to extreme. It is highly likely that the second wave could be dramatic in countries, such as India, or in places corresponding to SW location.

Being a symbol of value, 辛 Xin in 辛癸 combination is being drained, and although 辛 is supported by the palace, the 天蓬 Shower points to extreme market volatility.

There is also a possibility of abnormal weather patterns, including heavy rains, landslides, and floods. This may result in dam bursting in a populated area.

If we take ☷ 坤 Kun for protective barrier, and 白虎 Tiger for smashing force, we could assemble these components to symbolise collapsing barriers, resulting in devastation.

The earthquakes are also possible, especially in coastal areas corresponding to N direction. When PWS#8 flies into 坎 Kan in July, 死 Death with 天英 Snake and annual PWS#3 become a frightening combination.

In August we may expect to see more violent protests. Sharp and aggressive PWS#3 (☳ Thunder) flies into Qian (金 Metal). The authority is challenged. We may see more police and ground troops in the cities. We may also see unfortunate events related to animals.

From September we will start hearing more about the banks and museums. The PWS#4 (☴ Wind) flies into 艮Gen palace (☶ Mountain), disturbing it. This combination creates the possibility of tornadoes and earthquakes.

There is a likelihood of water contamination or medication poisoning during this time. Some form of nuclear activity is also possible. While the 值 符Chief is in 艮Gen points to the seriousness of the events, it may also indicate that the authorities will be able to keep things under control.

The monthly PSW#9 flies into the centre of the chart in October bringing things to light. We may hear new revelations about intelligence services and the world elites.

During the October and November, we can expect to see disintegration of the existing socio-economic system and deterioration of the global security. The governments will be put under extreme pressure. 乾Qian (金Metal) represents the Father or Authority, it is under pressure from the 景 Scene (火 Fire) and 天禽 Beast (火 Fire).

天禽 Beast is the strongest force in the chart. Like an Emperor, it cannot be opposed or controlled. The authority (乾Qian) does not like being questioned or stripped of power, and it looks like this is likely to happen in at least, one of the ‘kingdoms’. It is possible that one of the major world powers could become unstable, with the historical buildings set ablaze and people fighting on the streets.

In November we may witness the beginning of revolutionary changes. By this time, the pandemic may spiral out of control. This can be concluded from what is happening in 坤 Kun, which by default relates to health, death and transformation. As it receives the PWS#5 in November, the transformation is initiated. This is the point of no return.

Social instability, health crisis and disintegration of global economy as we know it, will be apparent by the time we reach December. Things will start gradually calming down around the Winter Solstice.

Going back to the annual hexagram and its symbol of unstable structure, we may say that it will have collapsed by the end of the year. This is when things will come to stand still, which is represented by Fu Yin of the annual and monthly stars in December.

The annual 2021 chart is a complete Fu Yin, with all the components taking their original positions. The show is over, everyone goes home. Including the Emperor.

In Chinese metaphysics, the Fu Yin charts are considered inauspicious. There is not much can be done to improve the situation. It is a waiting game. By then, we will have learnt to be patient.

Even though the most dramatic events of 2020 could have taken place in far-away lands, it is possible that we could all feel exhausted, mentally, as well as emotionally. We feel other people’s pain, as we are all connected.

At the beginning of 2021 most of us will not know what to do or where to go, but it will be clear that before we do anything, we will need to pick the pieces up first.


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2020 Year of the Metal Rat – General Outlook https://www.fengshui.net/news/2020-year-of-the-metal-rat-general-outlook-7404/ https://www.fengshui.net/news/2020-year-of-the-metal-rat-general-outlook-7404/#respond Tue, 04 Feb 2020 10:03:13 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7404 The new zodiac animal of the Chinese horoscope, the new ruler of the world, who will hold office for twelve months is the Metal Rat; or in the ba zi system (Four Pillars of Destiny) it is called Geng Zi. This is not the only name for this animal however, as we can also call […]

The post 2020 Year of the Metal Rat – General Outlook appeared first on Feng Shui for Modern Living.

The new zodiac animal of the Chinese horoscope, the new ruler of the world, who will hold office for twelve months is the Metal Rat; or in the ba zi system (Four Pillars of Destiny) it is called Geng Zi. This is not the only name for this animal however, as we can also call the coming year ‘A Rat on a Beam’ or ‘A Golden Rat’.

Under the rule of this animal, we will rejoice or mourn from Saturday, January the 25th, 2020 at 12.59, until February the 11th, 2021 at 18.45 (so says the lunar Chinese, thousand-year calendar) not only for Beijing time, but certainly ours, too.


As well as a lunar calendar, the Chinese also use a solar calendar (or Farmer’s Calendar). For that calendar the beginning of the New Year is on the 4th February beginning of the New Year on the 4th of February, 17.05 (the first day of the first lunar month, which is the month of the Tiger, Rooster hour), and for its end February the 3rd, 2021, at 18.46.

The start date of the solar year falling on 3rd, 4th or 5th of February is a fixed date for all years and makes all kinds of calculations much easier, which is the basis for various predictions, in particular ba zi and feng shui predictions. Chinese Astrologers usually use a lunar moving date, falling between January the 19th and February the 20th of any year, only as a kind of social or family event, as a day to thank for the old and celebrate the arrival of a new one. You can even say that this is a date associated with folk holidays.

The current year of Geng Zi is 4717th year of the lunar calendar, that is, consistently, the thirty-seventh year of the seventy-ninth cycle of the lunar astrology, a cycle that will end on February the 3rd, 2044. The span of its duration shows that the data, all values, trends and activities presented here will be valid not only from February the 4th till the end of 2020, but also for almost four weeks of 2021.

In Chinese Astrology, the symbol of each year consists of a zodiac animal and one of the elements. As we already know, in the coming year there will be a Rat, plus the element of yang Metal. Since the natural element of the Rat in the ba zi system is yang Water, at first glance it seems that the coming year should be without special problems, since the element of the year Metal is in good relations with the element of the Rat sign, which is Water (Metal nourishes Water).

This is a very promising relationship, but does not mean that there cannot be any trouble or dramatic situations, because other hidden tendencies will also come to the fore. Each year has its ups and downs, so this year will everyone’s life is likely to swing like a pendulum, regardless of their zodiac sign.

Looking at the time span of the reign of Metal Rat, it can be seen that this is a much longer year than last year, as it will last as long as 384 days, i.e. it will be a leap year. Some people say it will have thirteen months, but it is more accurate to say that one of the months, or more precisely the fourth month, which is the Snake period in Chinese lunar astrology, will be a double month from April the 23rd to June the 20th, 2020.

In the span of 2020, there will be two days of lin chun, i.e. two days of the beginning of spring, also known as lovers’ days (4/02/2020 and 3/02/2021). From this it follows that it is a great year for romance, marriage or seeking a child.

 This is the theory associated with the first day of spring, while another, relating to the very sign of the Rat, and especially to the elements of the year, is also optimistic about possible marital happiness. In the year of Geng Zi we will have many favourable opportunities to fall in love, which bodes well for lonely people or looking for a partner.

 Therefore, in the year of the Rat one should expect a clear increase in heart rate records, which may also mean a greater number of various moral scandals on the one hand, and spectacular collective weddings on the other.

The Rat himself likes to take care of family matters, although it is certainly not a sign that throws himself into the arms of Cupid without hesitation. Rats always and in every situation leave a safe escape route. Nevertheless, generally speaking, it should be recognized that 2020 will be an optimal year for entering into marriages, as well as for applying for a child. More so the Rat is one of the so-called characters of Peach Blossom, which additionally associates with eroticism.

As for marriage, feng shui experts say that in all circumstances, favourable or not, it is worth asking a specialist who will take into account the personal data of future spouses, and the value of Tong Shu (almanac), which additionally indicates a favourable day to start a new way of life. Not only when getting married, it is worth taking care of the time aspect, in a shortened form presented at the end of our forecast.

It is also worth adding that a double month is not the best month for entering into relationships or any other significant activities. One could even say that this is a defective month in which special laws apply, because it causes problems in various calculations.

As I have already mentioned, in Chinese, the Rat is called (after the Branch) Zi in the ba zi system, while in classical astrology it is called Shu (literally the animal the rat), and is a completely different ideogram. The Rat is marked with the number 1 (the first sign of the cycle), corresponding to Sagittarius in solar Astrology, the geographical direction north (N2, i.e. the section between 352.5o – 7.5o on the compass), the month December (this is the Chinese eleventh month) and a double hour from 23.01 to 1.00 (except that the first hour is the so-called early Rat and the second is the late Rat).

This sign is also attributed to many other values, events and objects whose increase in significance should be predicted with high probability. All these data are of great importance for determining what counts in the coming year, what to expect, etc. So, the following countries are associated with the Rat: South Africa, China, Japan, Tibet, Greece, Turkey, Albania, former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Congo. It can therefore be assumed that many interesting, or rather surprising things will happen in these countries or in connection with them.

Some precious and decorative gemstones are associated with individual years under the influence of Chinese zodiac animals. Garnet, diamond and amethyst are associated with the Rat. This means that these starting materials may prove to be the best for the “production” of pendants, ornaments, talismans or sculptures. Not because of the current fashion, but because of this year’s vibrations that will be in harmony with the vibrations of the entire universe.

You can also look at it slightly differently, stating that this year’s human need will be “charging” with this type of energy. This statement also applies to the Metal Rat colours, which are red, yellow, orange (this is associated with the so-called melodic element of the year) and green, as well as to painting, weaving, construction blocks and car gadgets, favoured by this sign.

Also inventions or civilization gains are associated with the signs of the zodiac. The Rat is credited with inventing or constructing transistors, long-playing discs, CDs, communication satellites, laser, stainless steel, gasoline, self-winding watches, cellophane, quantum theory, nuclear physics, X-ray crystallography, gamma radiation, uranium release or even “inventing” means of contraception.

It was in the year of the Rat that the Apple Macintosh personal computer, the first computer mouse or the first home video game, Magnavox Odyssey, was first introduced to the market. It is these things that the Rat is interested in and such or similar things should be expected from him in 2020. Let our imagination work in this and other areas, and maybe we will become excellent interpreters of the principles of astrology ourselves.

In turn, general activities related to the Rat are collecting, interior design, basketball, volleyball and everything related to construction. Therefore, some accomplishments should also be expected in these fields, although one must remember that nothing happens twice, and the only constant thing in the universe is Change.

To better understand what kind of surprises the new ruler is preparing for us, it is worth looking at the previous periods of the reign of the Rat. The years of the Rat were: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924 or 1912, with Metal Rat being 1960 and earlier 1900.

Here are some events from previous years of the Rat. They were always “interesting” for various monarchies, or in other words, they turned out to be significant for royal families: in England, Edward VII abdicated in favour of George VI, the Dutch queen Wilhelmina abdicated in favour of Queen Juliana, and recently, in 1960, Metal Rat Princess Margaret the family married Anthony Armstrong-Jones, and in 1996 Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles. Perhaps the year of the Metal Rat will become extremely important for Prince William, who, as never before, has a great chance to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth II.

Of course, it is necessary to follow the spirit of time and extend the affairs of royal families to the political events. Look: in 1900 the Boxer revolution broke out in China, in 1972 there were evictions of 40,000 Asians from Uganda by Idi Amin, Greece declared itself a Republic, and in the USA Richard Nixon was elected president. According to the textbooks, the most significant changes, which does not mean that they will be accompanied by bloodshed, should be expected in countries that have been assigned the Rat mark.

To best feel the atmosphere of the coming year, it is worth imposing on the events of previous years of the Rat some original artistic vision. In this vision, active Metal yang, or GREAT SWORD, is located above the yang Water, or GREAT WATER. This is best illustrated by a drawing in which a powerful weapon protrudes from a powerful rough ocean.

 This image can be created not only by the elements of the year, but also by the elements of the month, day and even hour. Looking at the different years of Rat, we can see that in the history of many countries they were not very friendly to people. For example, when “the land sat on the water,” the transatlantic Titanic sank (14/04/1912), in 1228, 100,000 people died after the sinking of the Netherlands, in 1588 the Spanish armada in the area of ​​Ireland encountered storms, which resulted in damage to people and equipment. Meanwhile, in 1888, storms on the US East Coast claimed 400 lives.

Unfortunately, despite the lack of conflict between the element and the sign of the year, it will not be a calm year. If we add that on the compass, on the opposite side of the Rat, there is a Horse, whose element is Fire, we can expect many catastrophes, both natural and resulting from human activities, related not only to water, but also to fire.

Since the natural element of the Rat is Water, and this represents transport, any trouble can manifest itself in accidents in this very important area of ​​modern human life. Let’s look at 1996, the year of the Fire Rat (Water destroys Fire). A lot of aviation accidents happened at that time, including the one in July when the 747 TWA Boeing crashed, resulting in 230 deaths. We will return to air accidents. Therefore, pay attention to both air and sea accidents, but also to: earthquakes, landslides, collapse of buildings, intensification of the greenhouse effect, on the one hand floods (spring / summer) and storms (autumn / winter), on the other drought and fires, further on volcanic eruptions, severe climate change, ecological disasters primarily related to water in general and drinking water in particular.

Let’s go back to the years of the Metal Rat, and the last was 1960, not to frighten, but to look at the action of elements connected by Nature. In that fateful year, on May 22 in Chile, one of the most serious earthquakes and a giant tsunami occurred, which caused more than 1,600 people killed and about 2 million homeless. Another earthquake in Morocco that took place on February 29 killed more than 12,000 people, which is still a record today in terms of the country’s disasters.

As I mentioned earlier on the luo pan compass, you find a Horse on the opposite side of the Rat, whose natural element is Yang Fire. Therefore, in 2020 there will be a huge conflict between Water and Fire. Because air transport belongs to Fire, we return to air accidents. In 1960, to be exact on February 26, Alitalia crashed in Ireland, March 17 and the state of Indiana Northwest Orient Airlines, on October 24 in Nedelin in the USSR, 92 people were killed in a rocket crash, on December 16 there was an air collision in New York. In January 1961 (January is the last month of Rat), a passenger airliner in Finland and a B-52 military bomber in North Carolina crashed, that I will list only some of the most characteristic events.

And you have to remember that the same energies will also affect other areas of human life. Attempts to combine Water and Fire may, for example, relate to state or social life. Still in 1960, 17 African countries declared independence, Cyprus freed itself from British dominance, and in the US there were powerful social protests related to the activities of the Civil Rights Movement.

There was also a lot of tension between various countries, including powers. Let us also remember that in the year of the Metal Rat there is no nobility associated with the year, which means that during conflicts there will be no “angels from heaven” to protect people. We can therefore expect many victims, not individual ones.

Let’s look back to 1900, which was also the year of the Metal Rat. As I mentioned in China, there was a Boxer revolution that was very brutal. Last year, representatives of eight nations, Japan, Russia, France, the United States, Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary were embroiled in this conflict in China, which still raises many emotions. As a historical curiosity you can mention here the year 1600 (Metal Rat) when Russia invaded Manchuria, and in Japan it was probably the most famous skirmish between the Eastern Army of Tokugawa and the Western Army of Ishida deciding to take control of this country.

Complementing the threats of the year of Rat is to pay attention to road accidents. Again, this has to do with the Horse, whose destroyer is the Rat. The symbol of the horse is a travel star. What else can mean the destruction of a travel sign except traffic accidents? While addressing the subject of 1900, it is extremely inspiring and easy to understand the year of the Metal Rat to present this period in one of the older French textbooks of Chinese astrology as the most typical cluster of elements Metal / Water:

“La Belle Époque

Frenchmen known for xenophobia adore France so much that, although they do not like each other very much, they agree to a political ceasefire to admire the charm of the World Exhibition. Foreigners and people from different parts of France fall into ecstasy at the sight of this sum of ages. The first metro line starts, films are shown, the tape length reaches up to 200 meters, and the dictionary of the French Academy begins with the slogan “automobile”.

All the spheres of Paris shine with the brightest light. The characters who will later serve as role models for Proust give an extraordinary reception, while the red banner of the revolution and the black flag of anarchy flap at the funeral of old insurgent Pierre Lavrof. The famous singer Bruant takes his place on the right, but Montebus’s reforms offend the army, L’Aiglon Nationalist Writing takes Edmond Rostand to the pedestal: Tomorrow, if he wants, he will become king of France! – writes one of his admirers bravely.

At the same time, the “civilized” world bloodily suppresses the “nationalist” Chinese rebellion and plunders Beijing. Jaures is probably the only one who will be indignant: The expedition to China seems to be opening the era of fighting between continents. There is no indication that Europe is dealing only with China, perhaps one day all of Asia will experience such a shock.

Meanwhile, the French, raising their savings to the rank of the highest virtue, feel safe, because “Marseilles” is played alternately with the Russian anthem and each year they lend Russia two billion in gold, from which they will not see a single cent.

 In essence, la belle époque. “

 (after Catherine Aubier)


At this point, one could ask a question, which readers often ask: why do we pay so much attention to all threats that may or may not appear in any year? The answer is very obvious. Knowing that it is likely to rain, we usually arm ourselves with an umbrella and thus avoid getting wet, and instead of the beautiful nature of children sent to school, we remind you of possible dangers lurking on the road, somehow strangely trusting that they will cope with them. So why not try to deal with the threats of the coming year? One should not fall into exaggerated pessimism, but take a defensive attitude and try to anticipate the impending failure.

As has been said, the Rat is always the first sign of any astrological cycle. This means that his periods of rule are accompanied by the spirit of pioneers, i.e. people who like to start everything from the beginning. Many of us dare to start something new, to say goodbye to the old one, and make significant progress. The spirit of pioneers is also great expectations, a good deal of hope, excitement and mood changes, from euphoria to breakdowns. So let’s get ready for a quick year, a lot of changes and try to be very plastic so that changes do not leave us behind. Only such an attitude favours inventiveness (in almost every field), modifications and progress that should be the domain of the year of the Rat.

The worst this year may be for many that you will have to make decisions in the blink of an eye, which in turn may contribute to an increase in general chaos, but more local than global. Making quick decisions has no patience at all, and this may prove to be the key to a collision-free year of the Rat. Let us remember that, despite its imperfections, the year of the Metal Rat will also carry the promises of a better tomorrow and many favourable circumstances to improve the quality of life. The problem is that not everyone will be able to catch them and take advantage of their benefits. You want to make the most of this year, don’t get irritated, don’t get nervous, try to be patient and everything will work out.

Each year, the Rat carries many promises for television, communication, science and show business. After all, it was in 1936, the year of the Fire Rat, that the BBC began regular broadcasts for the first time, and sixty years after that, cable television started. Therefore, one should expect almost complete abandonment of analogue television in favour of digital as well as generally understood communication and scientific progress. Scientific in the simplest and most general sense of the word. Simply, we and our children and grandchildren will be more eager to search for something new and usual, read books and learn both valuable and trivial things.

The rat is a family sign and, despite many threats, will always find time to take care of loved ones. Unfortunately, Rat’s family feelings are not selfless. Each of us will feel, more or less clearly, that you must pay back in one form or another for the sense of security that a family gives. Nevertheless, during the most difficult periods, the family will be a consolation, which cannot always be said about friends, peer group or social groups.

We learned the values ​​that are associated with the sign of the Rat, including its active Water. So it’s time to get to know the features of the element of the year, and this element is Metal in the yang characteristic. As you might guess, this element is more aggressive than other elements. In ba zi if someone by birth is Metal yang it means that he is a true warrior, which means leader at work.

In the image of the GREAT SWORD, the whole characteristics of this element appear. It can defend people, but it is also an extraordinary threat. When it comes to the features of an ordinary person, Metal yang symbolizes loyalty, honesty, reliability and a deep sense of justice. On the other hand, it is a symbol of war, a tendency to solve problems by force, and can even be a symbol of brutal murder.

In the company of the Water of the Rat mark, such a cold and unheated relationship can lead to ideological conflicts, to protests and demonstrations, to riots related to social injustice and lack of equality. Because autumn is associated with the Metal element, it may be quite the escalation of the problems mentioned here in its months.

Every year, and not just the one where the elemental conflict occurs, there are threats to loss of health and vitality. In the year of the Metal Rat, and Metal in traditional Chinese medicine is attributed to the lungs, skin and nose, and Water kidneys, urinary and genital system, the most common health problems will include: kidney problems, genitals, mental issues and breathing. The lack of a strong fire and, above all, supporting Metal Earth in the birth chart can also result in problems with the circulation and digestive system. It will not be a health year, and climate change can only reinforce the emerging periodic threats.

Let’s finish the passage about health with something positive. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, various health complications, however, medicine or health care should benefit the most in Geng Zi in a year. According to the textbooks, one of the most important and most significant health conventions in the world took place in Singapore in the year of the Rat. Let us hope that this positive aspect of the Metal Rat year will be fully realized in the coming year, solving the important problem facing modern civilization.

When it comes to economic matters, one should expect a year in which a lot will happen but rather with a downward trend. The speed of the year can help some people make a fortune (not always fairly), but smaller and larger falls will dominate. The problem, and even more so than it was last year, will be the lack of the element of Fire, which is simply ordinary optimism. The Metal and Water Union that is taking place this year cools all activities, the culmination of which we will see in autumn and winter. Summer (Fire) will spare us a bit, but we will not get Fire from the sixty-year cycle until 2025, when the rule of the Snake will come (the natural element Fire yin). Therefore, this is not a year for extravaganza and ill-considered actions, although the general trends resulting from the beginning of the new cycle and the atmosphere of pioneering, at least on the surface, seem to be optimistic. The Metal Rat has more to offer to industries and activities associated with Fire, Earth and Metal (aviation, IT, finance, electronics, medicine, advertising, insurance, media, work on stage, metallurgy, jewellery) than those that belong to Wood or Water (animal husbandry, agriculture, sea fishing, antique trade, and religious “industry”).

Summing up the forecasts for the year of Metal Rat, it should be emphasized that it will be a variable year, once we will be on the top, once at the bottom. It will be a year of mental trouble, stress, disappointed expectations and lost excellent opportunities. A year of somewhat secretive optimism, but a return to life in the family and broadly understood. If you want to be tempted to show an effective remedy that would make our lives easier, they would be symbolic figurines or images of Buffaloes, because Buffalo is a secret friend of the Rat.

In second place one should use skilful manipulation of the element Earth (porcelain products, natural stones, crystals, glass products), which will limit and balance Metal-assisted Water power. Many Chinese textbooks for 2020 also mention the miraculous effects of jade or gold taels (Chinese gold unit), but these Chinese gold bars if made of other material, and even painted, are also supposed to have extraordinary impact.



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Welcome Cai Shen at Lunar New Year https://www.fengshui.net/news/welcome-cai-shen-at-lunar-new-year-7358/ https://www.fengshui.net/news/welcome-cai-shen-at-lunar-new-year-7358/#respond Thu, 23 Jan 2020 21:53:22 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7358 With preparations well under way for the Chinese New Year I thought it was time to share my annual article on one of the practices which I like to observe.  Li Chun or the beginning of the spring season for the Year of the Metal Rat (庚子) falls on February 4th. However welcoming Cai Shen […]

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With preparations well under way for the Chinese New Year I thought it was time to share my annual article on one of the practices which I like to observe.  Li Chun or the beginning of the spring season for the Year of the Metal Rat (庚子) falls on February 4th. However welcoming Cai Shen or the `God of Wealth` at the Lunar New Year is another particularly important event in the Chinese New Year Festival.

The Chinese believe that welcoming Cai Shen into your home on the first day of the first lunar month ushers in good wealth luck for the year.


The time and direction varies each year and people whose Zodiac sign conflicts with the day should not participate in the ceremony; which this year affects those who are born in the Rabbit (卯) or Rooster (酉).

In 2020 the first day of the first Lunar Month commences on January 25th, but Cai Shen arrives from the West (257.5°) on the evening of January 24th between 11.00 pm and 1.00 am (LST).

The most auspicious time to receive Cai Shen is actually 11.40 pm LST or 12.40 am if you live in those parts of Australia which observe DST.

If you would like to invite Cai Shen into your home then follow these steps and may you enjoy much happiness, health, success and prosperity in the Year of the Metal Rat!

The first thing you must do is to clean your home, paying particular attention to all the main ch’i openings (windows and doors) that are located in the West, as this is the direction that Cai Shen arrives from.

Start at the main entrance and work your way around in a clockwise direction. Ideally kaffir lime juice and leaves should be added to your bucket of water for extra cleansing properties, but this is up to you.

Please note that this type of spring cleaning can be undertaken at any time, but is really best done during auspicious days leading up to the Lunar New Year and those remaining dates are:

• January 18 – Avoid cleaning if born in Tiger Year
• January 19 – Avoid cleaning if born in Rabbit Year
• January 20 – Avoid cleaning if born in Dragon Year
• January 22 – Avoid cleaning if born in Horse Year
• January 24 – Avoid cleaning if born in Monkey Year

Just before 11.40 pm LST (or 12.40 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time or EADT ) you should shower and change into fresh clothes in order to demonstrate your sincerity.

Then open all West facing windows or doors in order to receive the auspicious ch’i into your home.

Following this light 3 tea-light candles and place them in the West sector of your home. Please do so safely and do not leave them unattended.

At 11.40 pm LST or 12.40 am EADT stand (or sit) next to the open window or in the door way and face towards the West.

Inhale the prosperous influences, welcome them into your home and visualize the positive goals you wish to achieve this year in both your professional and personal life.

Alternately you can burn 3 sticks of incense in the West sector of your home, bow three times and sincerely pray for well wishes, whilst inviting Cai Shen into your home.

You may even like to take a nap due to the early arrival of Cai Shen; as long as everything is in readiness beforehand and you remember to set your alarm so that you wake up in time!

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The Chinese Year ‘Geng Zi’ or the Metal Rat. https://www.fengshui.net/well-being/year-of-the-metal-rat-7333/ https://www.fengshui.net/well-being/year-of-the-metal-rat-7333/#respond Wed, 08 Jan 2020 10:22:27 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7333 It is the Chinese Year ‘Geng Zi’, often referred to as the Metal Rat.  In the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine there is an ancient Chinese system of calculation known as the Five Movements and Six Qi (Chi).  ith this, ancient physicians were able to forecast the climate and as a result of that, potential […]

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It is the Chinese Year ‘Geng Zi’, often referred to as the Metal Rat.  In the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine there is an ancient Chinese system of calculation known as the Five Movements and Six Qi (Chi). 

With this, ancient physicians were able to forecast the climate and as a result of that, potential illnesses for the year ahead.  This article will give a brief description of the method and a simplified explanation how it applies this year, 2020.

The Five Movements

There are two parts to the equation, the first is called the Yearly Movement.  This is like an underlying tendency for the whole year – for example a windy year, a hot year or a rainy year etc.  There are five Yearly Movements based on the Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  This year is a Geng/Metal year, and the Yearly Movement is also Metal (see the centre of the chart in grey).  According to the Classic, Metal generates dryness and is cooling, causing drought, withering and falling down of trees, as well as fog and dew.  Something like a whole year of Autumn.  Chinese Medical theory states that this affects the Lungs and the structures that correlate to the Lungs, the skin and body hair.  This underlying influence can trigger pre-existing illnesses that include coughing, wheezing and fullness in the chest.  Making it potentially a bad year for sufferers of chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

The Six Qi

The second part of the equation is called the Guest Qi.  This is a visiting climatic influence that is extraordinary or uncharacteristic for that time of the year.  There is a Guest Qi in the first half of the year and a Guest Qi in the second half of the year.  From Chinese New Year on February 4th until the Beginning of Autumn on August 8th is known as the Heaven Qi’ and from August 8th until the following Chinese New Year is known as the Earth Qi.  Each governs its respective half of the year bringing its own weather patterns and health concerns. 

According to the Classic, the Heaven Qi visiting for the first half of 2020 is ‘Lesser Yin Imperial Fire’ (see the upper left of the chart in red).  Imperial Fire, the Fire of the Emperor, generates heat and brings great warmth.  Heat affects the Fire of the body, the Heart, and its correlating substances and structures, the blood and vessels.  Excess heat can cause acute infections in the body or allow infectious diseases to spread. The symptoms it can cause include sores, fever, bleeding, red eyes, chest pain, and as the Heart correlates with the mind in Chinese Medicine – mental emotional symptoms such as mania and delirium. 

The Earth Qi visiting in the second half of the 2020 is ‘Bright Yang Dryness’ (see the lower right of the chart in grey).  Like the Yearly Movement above, this is the Metal element generating dryness and coolness.  It also affects the Lungs, skin and body hair.  As a Guest Qi though, the illnesses will tend to be more acute infections or diseases.  Symptoms include stuffy nose, sneezing and dry skin problems. 

Movement and Qi

Of the Yearly Movement and the Guest Qi, the strongest factor in determining the forecast is the Guest Qi.  Of the two Guest Qi, the more dominant is the Heaven Qi.  In analysis it can be seen that Fire controls (melts) Metal in the Five Element cycle (see pictured).  Therefore, the meteorological conditions and ailments of Fire controlling Metal are the most likely to present this year.  This means based on the calculation of the Five Movements and Six Qi we can predict a hot year, with heat drying out the environment, possible droughts, and the equivalent happening in our bodies.  In the body this could be heat conditions of the skin and lungs – rashes, hay fever, sinus and other allergic responses.

The Yellow Emperor advises use of specific flavoured herbs and foods to balance our bodies with nature.  This year it is appropriate to eat Sweet Cool foods to moderate the excessive Fire and Sour Warm foods to nourish the oppressed Metal.  Some examples include; Sweet – Rice, Millet, Beef, Eggs, Dates, Grapes, Mallow, Sunflower, Malt, Honey, Liquorice; Sour – Sesame, Liver, Plum, Raspberry, Chives, Garlic. 

Whilst treatment is beyond the scope of this article, and indeed any Chinese Medical treatment (much like Feng Shui) should only be conducted by a trained professional, there are a few Chinese folk remedies that may be helpful this year.  The ingredients can easily be purchased online or at the Chinese grocery store.

Pearl Barley Wash

Chinese Pearl Barley (also known as Job’s Tears or Coix Seed) can make an excellent wash for skin conditions.  Simmer 1 handful of Pearl Barley in 2 cups of water for 20 mins, strain away the herbs and allow the liquid to cool.  The herbs can be cooked again to make a second batch.  Bathe the affected area warm, twice daily.  Cools and nourishes the skin to alleviate rashes.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum flowers make a delicious tea that is beneficial for the eyes.  Add 2-3 dried flowers to boiling water and allow to steep for 5 mins.  Sweeten to taste with honey and drink the tea warm, 2-3 times daily.  The cooked flowers can also be placed on the eyes when lukewarm.  Cools heat to clear the eyes and benefit vision.

Ginger Steam Bath

The steam from fresh ginger root can help clear the lungs.  Slice and pulverise 3 slices of fresh ginger, bring to the boil then remove from heat.  Being careful not to burn, inhale the steam by placing a cloth over the head and pot.  Opens the airways to stop cough and benefit the nose. 

Red Date and Liquorice Congee

Rice porridge made with Chinese Red Dates and Liquorice root can help quiet the mind.  Boil 1 cup of rice 10 dates and 15 pieces of Liquorice root in 8 cups of water.  Heat over a low flame for 2-3 hours adding additional water when needed.  Serve warm, daily.  Nourishes the heart to calm the spirit and eliminate anxiety.

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The Long and Winding Road of Feng Shui https://www.fengshui.net/case-study/the-long-and-winding-road-of-feng-shui-7313/ https://www.fengshui.net/case-study/the-long-and-winding-road-of-feng-shui-7313/#comments Thu, 02 Jan 2020 12:36:02 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7313 One of the more peculiar questions I occasionally get asked from a prospective client is “Does Feng Shui really work?” Of course this could be on the mind of anyone who had not yet experienced a Feng Shui audit or the results which can be achieved by following the recommendations.  But the bluntness of the […]

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One of the more peculiar questions I occasionally get asked from a prospective client is “Does Feng Shui really work?” Of course this could be on the mind of anyone who had not yet experienced a Feng Shui audit or the results which can be achieved by following the recommendations.  But the bluntness of the question, put to me directly, always seems unintentionally abrasive. 

What am I supposed to say in response?  “Oh no, not at all, ma’am, I’m just selling snake oil here.” Instead of shocking the prospective client with such a sarcastic answer, instead I launch into a more diplomatic explanation about how feng shui is as real as gravity. I also briefly highlight the various influences we have in our lives, such as destiny and luck, just to put the influence of feng shui in perspective.


After nearly three decades in doing professional audits, I can say with integrity that Feng Shui does work, for most of the people, most of the time.  When consulting or teaching, I often use anonymous but real examples to illustrate a concept or a solution.

Now with this opportunity to write for Feng Shui for Modern Living, where these words will be read by fellow practitioners or advanced students, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my own personal experiences, where the flying stars in my own homes have been very accurate and revealing.

My First Home – Divorce

The home I lived in when I first started studying feng shui was also the home I divorced in. My ex-husband also divorced his second wife while living in that house and things got rocky fairly quickly with his third marriage also.  The flying stars in the bedroom were the 7-3 combination. Another couple we were friends with jokingly referred to us as “The Bickersons.”  For those who have not committed the flying star combinations to memory, the 7-3 combination can cause arguments, bickering, theft or legal problems.   Just before I started studying feng shui in earnest, that same house had two attempted break-ins and through the window of the very bedroom with the 7-3 stars.

Just before I learned about monthly stars, I also had a miscarriage when the monthly 2 star was in our bedroom. Could I have used feng shui remedies to save my marriage?  Well, I used to joke about that in my classes, noting that some remedies which support relationships may not support financial luck. And I wanted my husband to be rich when I divorced him. Kidding!  This was in Period 7 and we had a neighbor put in a Jacuzzi to the southwest of our house. Normally, a Jacuzzi is not a great water remedy because they are covered most of the time.  But this neighbor of ours was in the hot tub nightly and she also left the cover off. It wasn’t more than thirty feet from our house and I noticed that my husband’s income went up when the neighbor’s Jacuzzi went in.

The Apartment with Great Feng Shui

After divorcing, I wanted to make sure I had good feng shui to support me. I found a Northeast-2 sitting Period 7 apartment, with my bedroom in the 8-6 west sector and my son’s bedroom in the 6-8 south sector.

I also used part of his bedroom as my office, justifying that since I only had him with me 50% of the time. I did really well in that apartment and launched my full-time feng shui business. This flying star chart also had the 1-4 stars in the center palace.  Let’s just say I was dating up a storm when I lived there. I was also writing quite a bit, both articles and the manuscript for my first feng shui book.

I only lived in that apartment for 18 months and I was doing so well there that I almost hated to leave it, but I had my sights set on a larger living space, so I rented a condo which sat SW-2, Period 6.   It was still Period 7 and the master bedroom was in the 1-7 stars. I continued to do well financially, sleeping in the wang water dragon.  The 1 mountain star had not yet become sheng and I can see in retrospect how that manifested in some very bizarre romantic partners. The 1-7 stars have a number of interpretations and I have seen over and over how this combination can feed addictions and compulsions.  What I found amusing about this condo was that guests came over with bottles of wine in tow.  I was not much of a drinker, but it seemed as though the gods were encouraging me to drink!  My drug of choice is chocolate and it was in that condo where I resumed eating chocolate after having abstained from it for nearly two decades.

The flying star chart had the 3-9 stars in the center which can attract legal or contractual issues, as well as gossip.  During that time, I was mostly unaware of the fact that a lot of people were gossiping about me. I actually had people in my life who I thought of as friends since they were fellow feng shui practitioners and I would have parties and invite other consultants over to “talk shop.”  I later found out that some of these folks had a hard time hiding their jealousy and said things about me that were neither true nor kind.   

My son was sleeping in the SE bedroom with the 4-1 flying stars. Without any prompting from me, he expressed a desire to become an actor and he asked me to take him to some auditions for commercials. He was only 10 years old and we didn’t have any family members in the entertainment industry so I was really surprised and figured the 4 star was influencing my son in that way. Right after we moved from that condo, he lost interest in acting.

In that same condo I ended up in a custody issue dispute with my ex-husband. I was victorious in court, the judge was very sympathetic I and actually got more than what I expected.  Since that time, I have had a healthy respect for the power of the 3 star! I ended up buying that condo, but turned around and sold it just a couple years later. I then bought a house that I lived in for 17 years.

The new Zhen House

This next house, sitting East-1, Period 5, had the same flying star chart as my childhood home. And this is a feng shui detail which other practitioners may have noticed as well, which is that we and our clients sometimes gravitate toward similar feng shui environments. It’s almost like the way we choose life partners who are similar to our own parents. Karma needs to work itself out.

As a Zhen person living in a Zhen house, this was actually the first time in all my years of practicing feng shui, that I found myself compatible with my own house, according the Ba Zhai School. I even thought it was possible I might live the rest of my life in that house, but alas, it was not meant to be.

That house had the 3-7 stars in the center palace and I learned for once and for all that you cannot adjust the center stars. They are not residing in any physical center of space.  I moved in with a security system in place, but there were three attempted break-ins within the first five years I lived there.

Nothing was stolen in those attempts because the alarm scared the burglars off. But each time it happened, I beefed up the security a little more. With locked gates and security cameras, I had the place zipped up like Fort Knox. I even bought a second car, which I called my “Decoy” car, so that it looked like someone was always home since there was no garage and just an open carport.  That home had a side door in the 4-8 stars and I really feel I benefitted from that entrance, financially and creatively.

I have many other stories to tell about how the flying stars have made their presence known in my own life and personal environments. I’ve also experienced both gradual and immediate changes when feng shui remedies were installed. Because of my own experiences, as well as feedback from thousands of clients, I find myself a perpetual student in awe of the flying stars. They are truly a road map to our destiny, our spiritual growth, our connection to this Earth and to each other.

eBooks By Kartar Diamond



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5 Most Essential Things to Take While Traveling https://www.fengshui.net/travel/5-most-essential-things-to-take-while-traveling-7271/ https://www.fengshui.net/travel/5-most-essential-things-to-take-while-traveling-7271/#comments Fri, 06 Dec 2019 17:21:02 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7271 Travelling is considered the most beneficial aspect of life. It can both broaden your mind and nourish your soul in ways that you have never imagined.  Eva William takes a look at what essentials to pack on your next trip. hether you are visiting your family or want to have an adventurous trip to the […]

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Travelling is considered the most beneficial aspect of life. It can both broaden your mind and nourish your soul in ways that you have never imagined.  Eva William takes a look at what essentials to pack on your next trip.

Whether you are visiting your family or want to have an adventurous trip to the turquoise oceans and Thai islands.  It will all be worthy, and you will learn new things, gain wisdom, experience the original meaning of joy and understand the importance of little things that matter as much as any other luxuries in your life.


According to a wise Chinese Philosopher, Confucius:

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”


But before all these expectations come true, there is a minor struggle that you might face. So, If you are a frequent traveler or it is your first trip to someplace you were planning to go for a long time, the most immediate thing that pops up into the mind is what essentials I should pack?  And trust me it is not just you who is jangled up in these ruminations. All of us go through a similar phase where a never-ending list of things storm right into our heads and it is almost impossible to narrow it down to a place where it can be squeezed in our luggage.

Where, on the one hand, we are all pumped up and excited about our journey. On the other, it is not less than a stressed roller coaster to put our packing in order.  Many tourists, traveler and rubberneckers have come up with different stances of what would be the best picks to take while travelling. And some of them turned out to be quite useful as well. So keeping that in mind, today I am going to pitch five most essential things that you can take while travelling anywhere in the world.


Before we get to the part where I tell you to put what kind of medications just keep in mind that every country has their own rules and regulations in terms of which medications are legal, and you are allowed to carry. So, yes, prepare your first aid box and keep all the necessary prescribed medicine along with their prescriptions but make sure to confirm all the guidelines of your destination. Moreover, don’t forget to keep a pack of painkillers, a thermometer, anti allergies, tampons, some pain-relieving balms and mosquito repellent that might help you in your daily outings adventurous routes. Plus, if you are going at a place where you are expecting a bumpy ride then pick some band-aids and antiseptics for any emergencies.


In today’s day and age, there are so many travel gadgets for modern traveller, and usually, these things occupy a whole space of your backpack or sometimes even a duffle bag. This might sound over the edge, but you can’t know unless you are at a place where you want to capture that exact moment into the camera or record your whole journey with a Go-pro. Few of these gadgets has undoubtedly become a necessity when you are carrying a phone or a tablet with you. These might include power bank, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB drive and even a selfie stick which can come handy at many times when your camera is not around, or you want to be a part of that moment.

Backup for Snacks

No matter where in the world you are about to land but keeping your basic needs in check should be your topmost priority. So, remember to slide in some granola bars into the side pockets of your bag pack and also keep some oatmeal, peanut butter, peanut butter cups, salad dressing and other instant foods. All of these things will help you in some crucial times, and in case you didn’t like the local cuisines then it will definitely prevent you from any kind of starvation.

Tool Kit

Among all the things that I have mentioned today, this is the most compact yet useful elemental that you do not want to miss out on. A tool kit can help you or I should say that it can “save” you in every step of the way in your travelling journey. When packing your luggage, you must consider keeping things like binder clips, a slotted screwdriver, some ropes, foldable bags and bungee cords which are very useful when you want to tie things. Additionally, the one thing that I personally recommend my travelling friend to tuck in your pockets is the multipurpose pocket knife that comes in handy when you need it the most.

Multi-Pocket Jacket

It is nice to pack everything in your suitcase and handbags so that you can easily walk around, but there are various things that you might need in an instant, and you do not have the time to hunt it under your stuffed bags. For that reason, the best option for you is to take a multi-pocket travel jacket which will help you I keeping your passport, credit cards, phone, medicines, glasses and some protein bars close to you. If you don’t own one right now, then do consider buying one before taking off to your trip.

To Conclude

As we have creamed off these five essentials to take while travelling now, it is much more comfortable for you to select your belongings to pack and board the plane without any hassle or worries. If you are going any time soon, then make sure to pack these things along with you and have a pleasant voyage.

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GM Dr. Stephen Skinner interviewed by Master Janene Laird https://www.fengshui.net/interview/gm-dr-stephen-skinner-interviewed-by-master-janene-laird-7227/ https://www.fengshui.net/interview/gm-dr-stephen-skinner-interviewed-by-master-janene-laird-7227/#respond Sat, 23 Nov 2019 03:57:22 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=7227 The 16th annual  International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) was recently held in Singapore from November 8-12.  The theme for this year was The Book of Changes – One Tradition, Various Applications.   FSML was there for this five-day event; we also had an opportunity to sit down with GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and discuss the history […]

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The 16th annual  International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) was recently held in Singapore from November 8-12.  The theme for this year was The Book of Changes – One Tradition, Various Applications.  

FSML was there for this five-day event; we also had an opportunity to sit down with GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and discuss the history of FSML from its paper glossy launch in April 1998 through to its re-launch online in April 2018.

UPDATE: GM Dr. Stephen Skinner has since published the full Guide to the Chinese Almanac in 8.5 x 11 inch paperback, please visit: https://amzn.to/2DwFDVs

Just released in time for the Year of the Rat 2020

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International Feng Shui Convention 2019 – Singapore https://www.fengshui.net/news/international-feng-shui-convention-2019-singapore-6970/ https://www.fengshui.net/news/international-feng-shui-convention-2019-singapore-6970/#respond Fri, 08 Nov 2019 14:04:58 +0000 https://www.fengshui.net/?p=6970 The 16th annual  International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) was recently held in Singapore.  The theme for this year was The Book of Changes – One Tradition, Various Applications FSML was there for this 2 day event and we were on hand to capture some of the highlights for our readers astern culture has been flourishing […]

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The 16th annual  International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) was recently held in Singapore.  The theme for this year was The Book of Changes – One Tradition, Various Applications

FSML was there for this 2 day event and we were on hand to capture some of the highlights for our readers

Eastern culture has been flourishing and evolving since time immemorial, as has its rich heritage of literary works, immortalized by the flow of time. Amongst the most famous of these, is the I-Ching (Yijing) – a Classic which has been hailed as the epitome of the category, and one of the foundations of Chinese culture. The I-Ching is based on simple concepts like Yin and Yang, but incorporates great complexity, comprising the dynamic theory of change which governs our lives and the flow of events.

IFSC 2019 PDF Program
IFSC 2019 PDF Program

The apparent simplicity of the I-Ching has allowed its reach to be extensive, while its complexity has allowed for limitless variations and interpretations. We could even say that Qi gong, San Yuan Feng Shui, Bazi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mei Hua Yi Shu (Plum Blossom divination), Qi Men Dun Jia, and even modern computing technology – all stem from the knowledge of I-Ching. As such, the convention this year shall revolve around the exploration of the I-Ching, and how it has naturally developed into such a complex, malleable form of practical knowledge.

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