Author: Master Tyler J. Rowe

Tyler J Rowe is a classically trained Chinese Herbalist, Acupuncturist and Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine with the Institute of Classics of East Asian Medicine. He is an International Wushu Federation certified 6th Degree Master of Chinese martial arts and former national Taijiquan (Taichi) champion. Tyler is also an Accredited Feng Shui Master with the International Feng Shui Association with over 20 years’ experience in the field. He regularly contributes to journals and speaks both locally and internationally. Tyler's area of research is the translation and practical application of classical texts. He is a proponent of the ‘Antique School of Feng Shui’.

Location and Health – A Chinese Medicine Perspective How Does Location affect our Health

The therapeutic system most closely linked to Feng Shui is Chinese Medicine, the two share an identical philosophical basis.  n an ancient Chinese text known as the ‘Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine’ an entire chapter,…

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Health and the Home – The Body as Landscape How does Feng Shui view health in the home?

How does Feng Shui view health in the home?  There are many different methods, some more complex, others very simple, some ancient, and some more modern interpretations.   Master Tyler J. Rowe explains. eng Shui and…