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Year of the Ox – 2021 Feng Shui Calendar


How to find your personal best days with the Feng Shui Calendar 2021

Vera Apel (Germany) and Yolanda van Zuijlen (The Netherlands) created a must-have tool for every Chinese Metaphysics professional or enthusiast: a colourful and practical 200-paged Feng Shui calendar for 2021 for finding your personal and professional best days for 2021.

It is their 3rd calendar in a row. They created the first one in 2018 since they found that there wasn’t any Feng Shui calendar that was both technical and beautiful at the same time for daily usage.


The calendar is initially created for Feng Shui professionals but can easily be used by enthusiasts too since there is a lot of easy to find information inside.

Here’s 3 steps how to easily use this calendar for selecting your personal best dates for your most important activities:

Step 1 – Determine what is your goal

Which tasks/steps you need to take to get there. Make a task list.

Step 2 – Find the 12-Day Officer energy that matches each task

When you have your task list ready – find a good day to start each task, based on the 12 Day Officer energy of the day. In short below is  an overview of the best activities for each 12 Officer day. For more extended do’s and don’ts for each Day Officer there is a complete overview inside the calendar:

  • Establish day – planning and starting new things
  • Remove day – decluttering, getting rid of things, starting a diet
  • Full day – Organizing things, family reunions, practicing gratitude
  • Average/Balance day – Not such a good day – do ‘low profile’ things
  • Settle/Stable day – Good day for strategy, setting the big picture
  • Grasp/initiate –, launching new ideas, products or services,  setting rules, iniate a plan
  • Destruction day – not a good day – don’t do important things on this day. Good day for ending/changing bad habits.
  • Danger day – day of opportunities, go out and look for opportunities but don’t take big risks
  • Completion/Success day – good day for everything, use this day to the max. Call potential new clients, launch your product, start a new project etc.
  • Collect/receive day – collecting things back from others, asking for something (help, money, inspiration, opinions, energy etc.)
  • Open day – everybody is more open on this day – explore new things, connect with others, networking, closing deals, official openings
  • Close day – not a good, don’t use it for big things. Use it for introspection, meditation, relaxing etc.

Step 3 – Don’t clash the animal of the selected day.

After finding the right energy/day (12 officer) you need for your task, make sure your personal animal’s don’t clash with this day, because then the energy is against you an: things will be less easy on this day.

  • For personal, relationship and health matters – the animal of the selected day should not clash your DAY ANIMAL
  • For Feng Shui matters (eg: activating a water feature, moving in etc.) – the energy of the selected day should not clash your YEAR animal

Note: you can find your personal animals here

If your day or year animal does clash the day – find a different good day for your activity.

There you go – 3 easy steps to find your personal best dates for reaching your goals more easily.

Of course there is a lot more technical information inside the Feng Shui calendar like:

  • lap yam/na yin element of the day
  • 28 constellation of the day
  • hexagram of the day
  • lo shu numbers of the day
  • Special days like sun/moon/dragon/fortune/no wealth etc.
  • water/compass sat days
  • special sectors in 2021
  • easy date selection overview per 3 months to see the daily energy at a glance
  • hour energy to find the right hours after selecting your best days.
  • and much more

Therefore it’s a must-have for of all your Feng Shui consultations, BaZi charts or Date Selections for yourself or your clients.

Have a look at for a complete overview of all the wonderful content and design of the Feng Shui calendar 2021.



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