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Annual Flying Stars and their distribution in The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023

Flying Stars Feng Shui is made up of energy layers or Chi (energy) and each layer comes with its own distribution of this Chi based on direction, time and space.

Every home and business has its own Energy Map or Horoscope based on the year it was built, the direction it faces and the current time period.


The yearly visiting energy and how it interacts with the original Energy Map or Horoscope of every home and business are then blended together. The energy distribution of the yearly visiting stars for 2023 are below.

Yearly visiting stars for 2023

This year’s timely stars are in the South (8), North (9) and Southwest (1).

The untimely or inauspicious stars are in the East (#2 – ill health), Southeast (#3 – robbery & conflict), Northeast (#7 – scandal & robbery), Northwest (#5 – misfortune), West (#6 – legal issues) with the centre of every home and business hosting the untimely Star #4 (affairs & scandals).

The Tai Sui or Grand Duke is in the East with Sui Po in the West.  As you can see, there is much to consider when analysing these annual Stars or energies.

But what if I was to tell you that the North direction can be inauspicious and the Southeast direction auspicious this year?

This is because every dwelling has its own Energy Map or Horoscope based on the year it was built, the direction it faces and the current time period.

Chinese Metaphysics follows the solar calendar, which runs in cycles of 180 years with increments of 20 years in-between making up 9 Cycles or 9 Ages.

Age 1 (1864-1884), Age 2 (1884-1904), Age 3 (1904-1924), Age 4 (1924-1944), Age 5 (1944-1964), Age 6 (1964-1984), Age 7 (1984-2004) , Age 8 (2004-2024), Age 9 (2024-2044).

Take for example a house that was built in 2010 (Age 8) facing North between 352.6˚ to 7.5˚ degrees, which equates to Zi (Rat) in the 24 Mountains of the Earth Plate of a San Yuan Luopan. This house will have a different Energy Map to a house built in 1994 (Age7) with the same facing direction.

Let’s discuss this further, specifically looking at the North sector only, as this is where the front door faces between 352.6˚- 7.5° degrees.

See the Charts below for both houses; one built in 2010 (Age 8) and the other in 1994 (Age 7).

In the Age 8 Chart we can see the North sector has 3 numbers in it 7, 9 & 4. The base #4 is from the Star Chart of Age 8, the #7 is the Mountain Star and the #9 (fire) is the Water Star. Our focus being the front door, which is active, we will concentrate on the #9 Water Star.

Mountain Stars are considered for quiet areas like a bedroom or reading room and Water Stars are considered for active areas like the front door, kitchen, living rooms, study and playrooms.

In Age 8 the Flying Star energies of 8, 9 & 1 are timely (Note: the #8 will be untimely in 2024 as we enter the 20-year cycle of Age 9).

In the Age 7 Chart the North sector has a set of 3 different numbers (double 7 & 3), with our focus on Water Star #7 (metal), as this is where the front door is positioned.

At this point it’s important to remember that the Yearly Star #9 visits the North sector of all dwellings this year.

So let’s compare the two Charts by firstly looking at the Age 8 Chart in the North with the Water Star #9 (fire) as the focus. The yearly star #9 (fire) is visiting the North sector with Star #9 (fire). When two stars of the same polarity are timely then this year the North sector will be prosperous with fame and fortune.

On the original Lo Shu layer the North is home to the #1 Water, making the Star #9 not as strong as it would be if it was in its home palace of the South.

As the #1 in the North is considered to be timely, we can say that we would benefit from its auspicious qualities, especially in the Southern Hemisphere where the North direction is where the sun shines the brightest.  

With the Age 7 Chart, the North has Water Star #7 (metal) which is untimely. As such the visiting yearly Star #9 (fire) entering this sector will bring an inauspicious energy, as the #9 fire controls the #7 metal.

In the Destructive Cycle of the 5 Elements, fire melts metal. When the visiting Star #9 interacts with the Star #7 it can bring seduction, flirting and relationship problems knocking at your front door, which I suppose might not be that bad if you are a footloose and fancy-free 😊.

Adding another layer however, it can also indicate the risk of a fire disaster as #7 represents Early Heaven Fire and #9 represents Later Heaven Fire, hence creating the potential for a Fire disaster.

Therefore the energy maps of the two homes, which are facing the same direction but built in two different Ages, will have two completely different outcomes in 2023, even though they are both facing the same direction.

As you can see, this means that there are many layers to analyse and consider when taking the visiting Annual Flying Stars into consideration and how they affect each sector of our homes and businesses.

The Annual Flying Stars should be considered as general information regarding the distribution of energy, along with the yearly afflictions of Tai Sui (Grand Duke) and Sui Po (clash direction of the Tai Sui).

In conclusion every home and business has its own Flying Star Feng Shui Energy Map depending on the year it was built, the direction it faces and the surrounding environment.

To find out what this is, a Feng Shui audit from a qualified and experienced practitioner should be undertaken in order to provide you with a full understanding and assessment.



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