Chinese New Year

Three Survival Tips for the Year of Black Rabbit

The year of the Water Rabbit Gui Mao begins on the 4th of February 2023 according to Solar Calendar. On the same day, the monthly pillar changes as well, bringing the shift in the Qi flow. This shift marks the beginning of Spring, Li Chun 立春.

The Li Chun 立春 celebration is about joy and youth. Traditionally, on this day the farmers prayed for bountiful harvest and prosperity in the coming year. This is where the practice of ‘sowing’ cash into the bank account comes from. Symbolically, it is the same. In essence, of course, it is not since the banking system is not one of the forces of Nature.


Following this tradition, however, is not only about financial prosperity. Rather it’s about hope and feeling grounded, and so, it can be positive, since it makes people feel good.

Gui Mao as an annual pillar/symbol, is as cute as it gets. The harmonious relationship between the stem and the branch makes it even prettier. The Yin Water heavenly stem Gui sits on Mao earthly branch (Wood).

Its hidden stem Yi is a symbol of flower or a plant, but it can also symbolize young people including children, as well as the life itself. In this pillar, Yi sits under the umbrella of its own indirect resource, a symbol of creativity and out-of-the-box solutions.

The shadow side of this combination can be read as what should remain hidden, becomes exposed (resource is about all things which give us strength, such as family, relationship, health etc.). From the traditional Chinese culture perspective, this is inauspicious. For as long as important things remain hidden, they are protected.   

Gui Mao pillar can also be read as warning, that things are not what they seem. Everything which we dislike and try to stay clear off could be hidden under the surface, making it hard to manage. So, my survival tip #1 is, do not take things at face value. Protect what is important to you.

In 2023 people may feel emotional and insecure, they may hide their true feelings trying to protect their interests or to take advantage of the situation. In a corporate situation, this could be about backstabbing or gossip. My survival tip #2 is, watch your back.

After three years of ‘masking’, now the masks are coming off (and so are the gloves). There will be more tension and conflict. People could finally show their true faces, true motives, so do not be surprised. Lower your expectations. Expect the unexpected.

You may learn something new, not only about your extended family members, but also about yourself. It could be a good idea to observe your own motives and reactions: why you do what you do? Why do you want what you want? Honesty is the best policy, especially when you talk to yourself.

My tip #3 is, try to stay grounded and aim to develop your own unique algorithms of survival. To feel secure, one needs to stand on one’s own two feet.

Based on the annual pillar attributes, we should expect to see the new trends related to agricultural fields, domestic animals, irrigation, plants, food, being vegetarian or vegan. The news regarding legalizing marijuana in Thailand in January is typical for this trend.

Another major trend comes from the Na Yin element, which is ‘Metal from the Foils’. We can interpret this as inflation. It should be safe to assume that the prices of gold and commodities may well go up.

Amongst other major trends there will be stories related to country houses, aviation industry and drones, wind farms, transportation, postage & delivery services, fashion & education. These trends relate to the annual Purple White Star #4, which rules over the Luo Shu in 2023.  



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