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2020 Western Astrology Outlook A New Astrological Era

Western astrology as well as Vedic Astrology, uses the planets, the zodiac, stars and movement of these to predict the future. A central principle of astrology is integration within the cosmos. This is analyses using techniques of western astrology to answer – When will the medical impact COVID-19 end?

Answer: End of Dec 2020. In addition, this is why…Lockdown has been busy with WFH (working from home), but on weekends I have been taking lessons from Dr. Stephen Skinner on Western Astrology. I have been keen to understand if astrology does foretell the future. In this write up, I have emphasized on the month more than exact dates, so us to keep the story as simple as possible.

Much as, at work, we have been trying to see the 2007-2009 recession as different from that of 2020 pandemic and related economic downturn, there is one similarity: – Jupiter is in Capricorn, in both these cases. Jupiter stays approx. 12-17 months in a sign, and it debilitated in Capricorn because the progress oriented, lavish, happy planet is bound by the stricter stern Capricorn. Jupiter entered Capricorn in December ’19, and met its nemesis Saturn (planet of discipline and strict rules) who was also in Capricorn then. Unfortunately, Pluto (planet of death and underworld) was there too, and the two together had Jupiter pinned down.


Saturn moved to Aquarius (from Capricorn) on the 22nd of March – Aquarius is a sign for travel, change and movement, and Saturn subdued all of these elements.

Jupiter however goes retrograde in Capricorn from 14th of May 2020, and this is interesting because this is where Jupiter rebels. Jupiter will remain in retrograde in Capricorn until 13th of September when it goes direct. Protests and breaking of rules may be seen in this period.

Mars will enter Aries in June 2020. Mars will remain in Aries till January 7th 2021. The tricky period starts when Mars retrograde occurs from Sept.10th to Nov 13th. This seems especially worrisome because Saturn will come back to Capricorn on 29th of Sept – and will stay till 17th of Dec, until it exits to Aquarius. The period of Sept-Nov 2020 may see a war-like situation.

Jupiter and Pluto will stay in Capricorn through the year, and on 20th Dec – Jupiter will finally exit Capricorn to move to Aquarius. There is a high chance that the medical impact of COVID will end soon after Dec 2020. In Jan 2021 – mid-April 2021, when Mercury flits into Aquarius and Pisces, we shall slowly see Air and Water travel revive.

Summary of predictions:-

  • Truly Annus horribilis
  • COVID’19 would end around end of Dec 2020/ Jan 2021 when Jupiter moves to Aquarius.
  • May-Sept 2020 will see protests
  • The months of Sept-Nov 2020 have warnings of a possible war/war-like situation.

How to manage this year – Capricorn likes hard work, so this is a year of working hard, whether you are working or studying you are likely to emerge the best of the situation if you maximise your efforts or did i just say the obvious?



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