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The Chinese Almanac Part 2

We continue the series of articles which will decipher the mysteries of the Chinese Almanac with the help of Man-Ho Kwok

The second page of the Almanac is a key page for feng shui practitioners, perhaps the most important page.  The top third of the page is taken up by an octogram showing the Eight Directions, with South shown at the top. Effectively, this is the feng shui compass or lo pan for this year 1998. Although it is drawn as an octagram, it can be read just like a circular compass.


It shows general information plus attributions which are specific to this year. The bottom half is devoted to the 24 ‘mountains’, which is another way of expressing the 24 Directions. The Chinese character for ‘mountain’ is three vertical strokes, like three peaks connected at the bottom.

This page indicates which of the Eight Directions is suitable, for example, for digging ground, or for the location of your main door or for building new property or an extension.


During the Year of the Tiger (1998) there are two particularly good luck Directions and one bad luck Direction. East and West are the best Directions, whilst North is the direction to avoid. This of course only applies for 1998 and is only a very general indication which should be modified by the month or day and by reference to your own date of birth when calculating your good and bad Directions.

These summary details are expanded in other charts in the Almanac which we will examine in future issues. The specific Directions for this month are shown on our Feng Shui Horoscope for May on the following pages 84 and 85.

Reading the Chinese Almanac

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