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The Lo shu Magic Square Part 6

In this issue we look at the connections between the lo shu magic square, colours and the associated ‘flying stars’ which can augur good or bad fortune

As we know from the last issue, the nine squares of the 10 shu can be laid over the floor plan of your house, room or office with the square containing ‘9’ orientated to the South, and the square containing’ l’ orientated to the North. If you have trouble remembering which way round it is, just remember the largest yang number ‘9’ points to the position of mid-summer in the South (from the Northern hemisphere perspective of the ancient Chinese), while the smallest yang number points to the cold North.


We also know from previous articles in this series on the 10 shu that these nine squares are inhabited by nine ‘stars’ which move around the 10 shu over time. It is never clearly explained what these ‘stars’ are. They are not simply the stars in the night sky, but are influences for good or ilion the luck of the occupants of the house.

Stars That Fly

Each star has one of the 10 shu numbers associated with it, and ‘is also associated with a colour. In feng shui, colours are very important, and they give the star its name, for example the Five Yellow Star. You can guess that this star’s home is the centre of the 10 shu, where you see the number ‘5’. You also know that the centre is attributed to the Element Earth, whose colour is yellow. So far so good. So the Five Yellow Star is at home in the middle square.


However every year these stars leave their home square and ‘fly’ to a new temporary resting place, causing trouble or bringing good fortune with them. We also hinted in a previous article that as traditional Chinese homes had a central earth/stone courtyard, that to take this courtyard area into one of the inner rooms of the house was considered bad luck. Hence to have the Five Yellow Star ‘fly’ into one of the other rooms was bad news.

It is quite a complicated calculation to work out where each star has moved or ‘flown’ to in the house or office. If you leave this up to an expert feng shui practitioner, you will sometimes hear them muttering about the bad Five Yellow Star, and how to suppress its bad influence.

The reasoning behind the other star colours is a bit more complicated, and we will leave that to a future issue.

The Lo shu magic square Ⓒ FSML
The Lo shu magic square Ⓒ FSML


Practical Tips

Now to get a bit more practical. In 1999, the Eight White Star that attracts money is, for this year, located in the East, so pay particular attention to this area. The Six White Star also relates to money, but to money you have to work for, so to preserve your salary make sure you take care of the North, the direction which is the temporary home of the Six White Star for this year. Ensure there is no clutter here – and that if there is a window in the North it is not blocked in any way.

On the other hand the troublesome Five Yellow Star is opposite in the South, so try not to use this area for anything important, like sleeping, eating or studying, for this year. Press down upon the star with something metal or a solid five-rod wind chime, to slow it down.


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