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The Lo shu Magic Square Part 5


In this issue we continue to look at the practical application of the magic lo shu square. Last month we looked at your best and worst Directions. This month we will look at your best and worst Locations

Remember that a Direction is the direction you face when you sit, sleep or work, and last month we gave you a table of the best and worst Directions in which to face.

Now we examine which is the best place for you to locate key rooms in your house. Key rooms include the bedroom and study, in both of which you might expect to spend a reasonable amount of time each day. You can equally well apply the lo shu to upper storeys of a house.

First it is necessary to determine your kua number. For this refer to our regular beginners’ article on page 81. Now assuming that you are male and that your kua number is ‘5’ look at the table to check your best Location. You will see that your best Location is North-east, followed by West, North-west, and South-west. The sharp eyed among you will notice that these Locations appear to be the same as the Directions, published last month. The application of this information however is different.

What To Reorganise


Obviously if you are designing a house from scratch you can determine which room goes where. However even an existing house may allow you to choose or change your bedroom. If you can, try and allocate important rooms to the best Locations in your house. In the above example North-east would be a good choice for a bedroom or office. In fact as the North-east is also identified with knowledge, the room in the North-east would be best used as a home office or study.

Conversely, the four other inauspicious locations (those not mentioned in the table in association with your kua number) would be good if used for storerooms, toilets and kitchens. Rooms that are seldom disturbed or lived in, like storerooms, are best located in one of your four inauspicious Locations. Likewise, ‘wet’ rooms like toilets, bathrooms and kitchens tend to ‘press down on the luck’, and are therefore also best located in your inauspicious locations, to press down on your ‘bad luck’.

Often compromises must be made. In most cases the breadwinner’s best Location should prevail.

The Lo shu magic square Ⓒ FSML
The Lo shu magic square Ⓒ FSML


Where there are a number of bedrooms, work out the best Locations of each family member and try to allocate each to one of their own best Locations. You can further improve this by orientating their bed so its head faces their best Direction as well.

Don’t forget – do not mix up your Directions and your Locations. Directions indicate which direction you personally should face. Locations suggest where best in the house to locate particular rooms.

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