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Feng Shui Tools for Wealth Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Being rich doesn’t cost much. Helen Oon tells us how to make our fortunes

The Chinese view wealth in a much more philosophical way than people in the west. Wealth is not only about big bank accounts, fancy cars and holidays in the South of France. It’s more like a set of values by which we can live. Wealth is about health, education, family. It’s about harmony, mentors, and being sponsors and benefactors to those in need. And it’s about being grateful to auspicious ancestral luck.


Wealth symbols abound in Chinese culture and are used for activating feng shui luck for wealth. However, these symbols do not act alone; they are only effective when applied holistically, as a complement to the other aspects of feng shui such as the landscape, the locale of the house, and the interiors. Of course, a person’s compass direction orientation, according to their kua number, is also essential. (See this article if you need to work out your personal kua number.)

The Chinese Triple Coins For Wealth Luck

The number three has always been a symbol of good luck in Chinese belief. It represents heaven, earth and man. The triple-coin is a popular talisman to attract prosperity luck. It comes in a bronze or gold finish.

This auspicious symbol is made out of three (replica) ancient Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon or thread to activate its potency. It can be carried in a purse, or you can stick it to the account books or telephone.

Make sure that the yang side of the coins – the one with the four Chinese characters – is placed facing outwards. These characters represent the prosperous dynasties of the ten Emperors of imperial China. The coins can also be placed in the South-east corner of your living room or office to activate wealth luck.

Coin Ball

The coin ball is a popular symbol for attracting auspicious money luck. This one is fashioned out of twelve Chinese coins which are wired together to form a ball suspended by a silk cord. They can be hung by the main door of a business, in the home, or in your car.

Coin Ball Feng Shui Coins – Chinese New Year Decor/Gift

The Three-Legged Toad God of Wealth

Liew Hai, a Taoist magician, had a three-legged toad god of fortune who had a habit of hiding himself in a well, so his master had to use gold coins as a kind of bait to lure him out. After a Taoist Saint showed Liew Hai the importance of the toad god, Liew Hai sent the toad to distribute gold and precious stones to his neighbours and friends.

The animal carries a string of six Chinese coins on each side of his body. Sitting on a pile of Chinese gold ingots, he has a coin in his mouth to indicate success and wealth luck. This symbol can be placed in the office to help you accumulate fortune in your business, or at home for wealth and safety, facing in or out of the front door, or in the South-east corner of the living room. Don’t place it in front of a mirror, a bathroom door or a kitchen door.

Don’t remove the coin from the toad’s mouth at any time!

Brass Feng Shui Money Frog (Three Legged Wealth Frog or Money Toad)

Lucky Red Packet

It is customary to put money in auspicious red packets when giving it to someone as a gift. A common practice in some provinces is to place three Chinese coins in a red packet and place them at the bottom of a rice or pasta jar, or bread bin, to symbolise abundance of food – or wealth luck. Any currency can be used. It is considered a doubling of wealth when a mirror on the wall in the dining room reflects food on the dining table.

Chinese New Year Envelopes Red Money Envelope

Dragon Head Tortoise

Legend has it that when a tortoise reaches a thousand years old, it evolves into a dragon, still retaining its shell. This potent transformation represents prosperity and mentor luck (a helpful person will come your way) combined with longevity. Take one to the office, or leave it in the living room in the wealth sector in the South-east. If you sit with your back to a window in an office, the dragon head tortoise can represent a symbol for support.

Dragon Headed Tortoise with Baby – now available at our online Shop

Gold Ingots

This was the currency of ancient Chinese society. Now we use fake gold ingots to enhance wealth luck. Lillian Too, a leading exponent of feng shui and best selling author, advises her readers to load gold ingots in a model sailing ship to ‘sail’ into one’s house to indicate the ushering of wealth into the home.

The gold ingot is indicative of personal wealth and can also be placed in the South-east sector of the living room. Although this sector is ruled by the Wood element, it is prudent to place a small amount of Metal element in the form of the gold ingot to stimulate the wood.

Lucky Money Golden Ingots
Lucky Money Golden Ingots – now available at our online Shop

‘Fook’ Prosperity Sign

The Chinese character ‘Fook’ (shown above left) symbolises wealth. It is commonly found in Chinese homes and businesses to attract wealth luck.

Decorative 18 x18 Inch Red Cut of Chinese Dragon with Character Fu Meaning Fortune and Good Luck



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