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Maximise your Love Life using Feng Shui Let there be Love

With the Chinese New Year falling between January 21 and February 20 and Valentines Day on the 14th of February, there is much to celebrate this time of the year

Is Valentine’s Day approaches the shops are adorned with cards and trinkets to persuade us that choosing the right gift will make all the difference to our love life.

Feng Shui for Love tells us how to use feng shui for romance and energise your personal love space, as well as protecting our relationships and finding a compatible partner with Chinese astrology or Love BaZi. The book covers a whole host of possibilities from finding love in the office to meeting someone famous, and getting commitment with feng shui. There are whole chapters on feng shui love rituals and activating romance luck, and for those already in a relationship there is lots of solid feng shui advice like not sending roses with thorns and how to win back your loved one.


The method used in this book is the authentic Chinese method based on the I Ching that is used to identify the south-west as the love corner, and the compass for orientations. It does not use the inaccurate Black Hat Sect (BHS) method of taking the main door to assign ‘directions’ to each sector of the home.

The south-west sector governs marriage, social and love luck, which is symbolised by the powerful trigram K’un on the pa kua, which is the most yin of all the trigrams. This trigram represents the powerful ch’i energy of the matriarch, which governs the family and the emotional well-being of everyone. This matriarchal energy nurtures or dismisses love. The south-west should be activated to attract good marriage and romance feng shui.

The tools that can be used for activating this corner are many, but if you have a toilet, kitchen or storeroom here, it is best to do something to correct the affliction (for example, by changing the function of these unsuitable rooms) before you even attempt to activate the corner. For instance, if your toilet is in the south-west but you energise this direction by placing flowers there, you might attract potential suitors, but they will all be unsuitable!

Earth and Fire for Love

In this method of feng shui, the way you can activate the south-west corner relates to the Elements of Earth then Fire (this is based on Later Heaven arrangement of the pa kua, which has the Earth Element in the south-west.) Use symbols associated with Earth, such as natural quartz crystals placed on a marble or stone-topped table, or hang a painting of mountains or other beautiful landscapes to symbolise Earth.

Keep the corner well lit – go for a red lantern or lampshade – because in the feng shui cycle of elements, Fire produces Earth. Other Fire symbols can also be used. For example, you can place porcelain figures of horses and snakes since these two animals symbolise the Fire Element.

In the pa kua lo shu method of feng shui, your marriage corner can be determined according to your date of birth. Let this feng shui method play cupid in your life!

To calculate your kua number, first determine the lunar year of your birth. You will need to account for the time of Chinese New Year in your particular year of birth. First check out your year of birth very carefully, and then use the formula to determine your kua number. Once you know your personal marriage, or love direction (also known as your nien yen corner), try to make sure that neither the toilet, kitchen nor storeroom is situated there. These press down on your marriage luck. Also make sure you do not place items such as brooms and mops in this corner.

How to use love symbols

The important thing to remember about activating any corners, including the romance and marriage corner is that there are two types of symbolic objects that can be used. The first are universally accepted symbols of love and marriage, while the second depends on element compatibility.

Some of the universally accepted symbols that can be placed in the marriage corner to attract that man or woman are a pair of mandarin ducks or love-birds. Using symbolism correctly in your practice of feng shui can often work wonders.

Find your personal love and relationship direction

Your kua number


Your love direction

(Males) North-west
(Females) West

Take the year of your birth. Add the first and last two digits together and reduce to a single number, then add 4. The result is your kua number.

Example: year of birth 1972.

Thus (1+9) + (7+2)

10 + 9 =19  then  1+9 =10

and reduce again if necessary  1+0=1

1+4=5  So the kua number is 5.

Take the year of your birth. Add the first and last two digits together and reduce to a single numbers, then deduct from 11. The result is your kua number.

Example: year of birth 1972.
Thus (1+9) + (7+2)

10 + 9 =19  then  1+9 =10

11-10=1  So the kua number is 1.



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