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Ushering in Prosperity in the Year of the Yin Earth Pig 2019 Chinese New Year - Gong Xi Fa Cai

As we step into the New Year based on  Gregorian  Calendar Year which  begins on the 1st of January, countries which follow the Chinese Calendar and more specifically Feng Shui enthusiasts and Practitioners gear up to invite the new energies which manifest around the Chinese New Year which normally follows the Gregorian New Year.

The Chinese New Year celebrated with great enthusiasm and fanfare is based on the Chinese Lunar calendar and it falls within a window of 21st January to 21st February each year. However from the Feng Shui standpoint, the energy changes set in on the 4th of February each year which is based on Solar or the Chinese farmer’s calendar.


The Chinese New Year celebrations lasting the full cycle of New moon to Full moon has a great significance with each day of the fortnight dedicated for a specific activity and celebration.

Each of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs signifies the traits, characteristics and attributes of not just the zodiac animal but also has an influence on the individual born under these signs. The 12 Chinese zodiacs also combine with the 5 Elements in Feng Shui and in turn the attribute and energy of the zodiac gets altered based on the element it combines each year.


The year prognosis and the fortunes of each of the Zodiac is strongly influenced each year and the clash and combine of the elements postulates the fortunes for the Individual, Global, Economy, Weather, and Finance luck.

It is said that Feng Shui energy keeps changing and is never static. This has a significant influence on the energy flow often referred to as Ch’i ( qi) and alters the quality of prevalent energies in a space.

Scientific studies and research has revealed that the North magnetic pole to be drifting northward at an average rate of 10 kilometers per year, in other words on any given day, the magnetic pole could actually be as much as 80 kilometers away from its average position, depending on the geomagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere and magnetosphere on that specific day. This also implies that the energy shifts on a daily basis and it could be due to many different factors like Weather changes, Solar flares, Magnetic Fields, EMI, Microwave equipments, shifting of earth’s Magnetic poles and the lifestyle of the occupants in a building can significantly alter the quality of Energy (Ch’ or qi).

In other words, a home or office which has adapted Feng Shui would need further adjustments each year to counter the energy shift. Such transformations of energies over a period of time are referred to as “Annual afflictions’ in Feng Shui. The remedial corrections to counter the energy changes or afflictions are referred to as “Annual Corrections “.

It’s no surprise that since ancient times most Chinese Homes and many parts of South East Asian countries carried out  “Spring cleaning” of their homes, de clutter, move things and realign their living space to usher in new energies and  ensure continued prosperity and well being in the year ahead.

The Year 2019 is year known as The Year of the Yin Earth Pig – JI HAI.

Zodiac Pig is the 12th animal in the Chinese zodiac and is part of the water cycle in the cycle of the season of five elements in Feng Shui.  It also signifies the completion of one cycle of the Chinese zodiac animal which begins with Zodiac Rat.

In the Year 2019, based on the clash and combine of the elements analyzed adapting the Feng Shui Destiny Analysis known as the Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi (Phat chee) reveals that the  two main elements in clash  are Water against Earth. The elements are symbolized as Yin Earth element sitting on top of Yin Water Pig.

The trait of Element Yin Earth is akin to Mother Earth which implies comfort, support and relaxation. However as the elements in clash is Water against Earth it would be a year which would call for meticulous planning, precaution as deception and shaky ground for all ventures is indicated.

The year will be like moving from turbulent waters to safer shores and all efforts will manifest and abundance and prosperity follows if ample planning and care is adapted as wealth luck is promising for those who are serious in their pursuits.

The Animal sign Pig is a Water element and in the science of Chinese metaphysics it implies that the element being resourceful, strong, loves freedom and could be stubborn and carefree at times, hence it would be a year to achieve Financial success and growth if one plans things with care and also create the base for prosperous 2020.

To activate good energies and counter the unfavorable energies, certain basic guidelines and practices would need to be put in place and Feng Shui Annual corrections in a home or office would be beneficial.

This primarily calls for understanding the orientations of the property, main door positions, layout, furniture and decor. For home areas like bedroom, positioning of beds, Kitchen layout and for offices seating positions of key personnel, Foyer, Reception desk and entry points are quite vital apart from the enhancers or protections which need to be out in place during the Chinese New year.                                 

We literally mirror our environments and it is a known fact that like attracts like and vibrates in harmony. The mystical actually influences the practical hence adapting appropriate Feng Shui enhancers and cures in the specific sectors of a building can protect, bring in abundance and make things smooth for a comfortable year ahead.

It is said that our surroundings affect our body, mind and spirit. Everything has an energy field and is, in a sense, “alive”, everything is connected, and everything is always changing.  It makes sense that we are greatly influenced by the things and people around us and time period energy changes too.

To make the Year 2019, the Yin Earth Pig fruitful simple yet effective changes and additions in the home or office would be needed.

  • Begin with a through spring cleaning and de clutter your home and office space, send out things which are not of use.
  • Take a closer look at your immediate surroundings, Car garage and areas which are often prone to storage of clutter and waste, clean up these areas.
  • Take note of the compass directions and the various sectors of your building and based on the Flying Star school of Feng Shui look for the areas which need to be Protected or the energy to be clamped down and activate good sector which to derive the positive benefits and overall balance.

  • Place a metal Wu lou or suspend 6 Chinese coins with red tassel at the North East of the house to overcome the #2 illness star. North East Sector also has an influence on Zodiac Ox and Tiger for the year 2019 hence those under these zodiacs can in addition place metal artefacts or Metal Wu lou at NE of their bedroom or living to mitigate illness.
  • Suspend 6 rods metal wind chime at the South West of your home to counter the #5 Misfortune star also referred to in Feng Shui as Five Yellows. The Southwest needs to be quite and this sector influences zodiac Sheep and Monkey. Hence those under these zodiac signs should take away elements signifying Fire and earth and in addition to 6 rods all metal wind chime one can place a 5 element pagoda at the SW of the bedroom to counter the affliction.
  • Place a red décor, red candles or turn on bright lights at South of the living to counter #3 Disputes/Quarrel/argument star.
  • Place décor in blue, urn of water or water plants like water bamboo at South East to protect the house from violence or robbery star.
  • Place a water feature at Centre or West sector to activate good luck and bring in wealth.
  • Place figurines signifying harmony, peace and love or pair of swans, mandarin ducks or birds at North to activate Romance luck. The sector also has the stars to activate literary pursuits, knowledge and education luck. Hence the sector can be used for such activities and to enhance focus and have clarity clear crystal cluster can help. Having Water feature in North for 2019 is also beneficial.
  • The Centre palace has the Prosperous Star 8 and one can activate the sector with decorative and attractive artefacts, symbol of carp fishes swimming. You can also create a small wealth sack preferably in blue fabric (a small string bag) and fill it with fistful of rice coins , crystals and a hand written note of your dreams and aspirations. Place this in a crystal bowl at the Centre palace or the centre coffee table of your living (small Tai Chi) to usher in the beneficial energy.
  • Adapting the above simple and practical Feng Shui tips for the home and the individual zodiac the Year of the Yin Earth Pig can be transformed into a very auspicious and prosperous year.

    May the Universe grant you all that are beneficial and fulfill your aspirations in the year ahead and beyond – Gong Xi Fa Cai.



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