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Dear Aunt Agga #27 Trying to Have a Baby

Windchimes in Bedroom a No-no

Dear Aunt Agga,
Lillian Too has mentioned hanging a windhcime in the North corner of our house to press down the 5 yellow star. Does this apply to the bedroom? It is better to confirm as the bedroom is the place of rest. Please advise.
Regards, Priscilla.

No, do NOT hang a windchime in your bedroom. You are correct; the bedroom is a place of rest and should not be activated with too much yang energy.
Love, Aunt Agga.

House Selling & Buying


Dear Aunt Agga,
I need help in selling a house and finding another one to buy. Do you have a suggestion of what to put where to help?
Thanks, Patti, Colorado

To sell your house, shine a bright light behind it. To find another one to buy, try Classifieds. Or a real-estate agent.
Love, Aunt Agga.

Swamped by Ponds and Swimming Pools

Dear Aunt Agga,
My dream is to build a swimming pool in my backyard at north, but I
would like too build a pond in the South-east area, with fishes, stones
and plants. My main door faces the east. May I build both water features around my home? Or do I have to choose one of them? I don’t know if it is too much water in my plot. What do you recommend?
Thanks, Leonor.

Although the North is ruled by the Water Element, water behind your home is not so good. This symbolizes a lack of support. It is better to have water in front of you, bringing you money and wealth. Behind you, water becomes ominous and threatening.
The South-east sector is for wealth and ruled by the Element of Wood, so Water here is beneficial as it feeds the Wood. But you also say that your front door faces the East. If you meant it was in the East sector of you home, would that mean your pond would be on the right hand side of your front door looking out from your house? Because Water on the right leads to a wandering husband. So, not so good for the wife, or the marriage.

Hope this advice helps and I hope I haven’t knocked your dream too much. What about a pond in front of your house…in the East? This leads to a happy family life and good health and longevity. Make sure the water is flowing and not stagnant though. Done right, it could also bring you a lot of money.
Love, Aunt Agga.

Trying to Have a Baby

Dear Aunt Agga,
My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over a year now with no luck, and we both have no major health problems. Recently, I read about our kua numbers in one of Lilian Too’s books, and have tried to implement the principles. We both have kua number 5. We have been sleeping in the NW part of the apartment all along, which is my husband’s nien yen direction.

More recently, I have shifted the bed such that now it points in the NW too. This means that the bed is now 45 degrees to the wall in the NW corner, rather than flat against the wall. Is this bad? My husband has been complaining about this new bed direction as (ha, ha, it is kind of funny) he says the pillows keep falling off the bed and that he does not feel refreshed in the morning.

Interestingly, this happens to be my tien yi direction and I have noticed that my health has improved a lot since I moved the bed ( I had a lot of flu over the last few months). I personally feel a lot better. Should we stick with this new bed direction?

I have also put a spherical pink coloured rose quartz crystal ball in the SW corner of the bedroom. Is this appropriate or should I put it in the living room or SW part of the apartment instead? I already have a multifaceted crystal ball hung in the living room by the window, in my husband’s sheng ch’i direction. How else can we improve our chances of conceiving? Thanks very much for your help!
Sincerely, Mei

Sounds like you and your husband make a lively couple. And it’s nice he puts up with your eccentricities. I don’t think it is necessary for you to place your bed 45 degrees from the wall just to accommodate your husband’s nien yen direction. Better to be aligned with the wall than to have any “good” direction, because in feng shui, balance comes first and foremost, directions and such come second.

Your pink rose quartz crystal ball in the SW is fine, but this will enhance your romantic happiness more than you and your husband’s fertility. What you should be energizing are your family and children corners…the East and West respectively. Try putting a luscious green plant in the East corner of your living room and a small metal enhancer in the West.

Also, have you got a laughing Buddha in your house – the one with lots of children… that will bring you children luck. Good luck and would love to hear from you again when you’re expecting!
Love, Aunt Agga.

Dream House

Dear Aunt Agga,
I need help.
My husband and I are fulfilling our dreams. We have moved to a home in the area of our dreams. We want to build our own home. We need to know if the money and the materials are going to happen for us or not.
Thanks a lot, Safka

Dear Safka,
Your dream is to build your dream house and you don’t know if you will get the money and materials for it? How about first going out there and making the money, then you know for sure the materials will be forthcoming. You can activate your money corner, the SE, by placing a healthy green plant in that sector.
Love, Aunt Agga.

Aunt Agga relies on Symbolic Feng Shui, and her advice relates mainly to Chinese cultural items rather than to professional Classical Feng Shui or Flying Stars consultation.



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