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Dear Aunt Agga #25 Correct use of Pa Kua mirror

3 Simple indoor questions

Dear Aunt Agga,
My dining room and living room are connected together and there is no wall partition. Is that considered 1 or 2 rooms?

It is considered as one room.

In activating the South-East and North corner, is it the house or living room we are talking about???

Both, if you’re greedy like me. You want to activate both big ch’i and small ch’i.

And last but not least my toilet is situated in the South-East corner, please help me!!

Hey, no problem. Just hang a windchime outside your toilet and place a fresh plant by the door (outside). Oh, and if you can help it, try to keep the door closed at all times.


I’m just starting out in practicing feng shui and as I’m just a beginner I’ve many doubts and queries, any help, advice or tips is appreciated. I’ve also started reading one Lillian Too book and find it very easy to understand compared to others and intend to read all her other books. Any other books you can recommend?n

Well, I myself also love Lillian’s books, so if you want more reading material, check out her latest… the Feng Shui Encyclopaedia. A beautiful colour book.
Thanks a million!

Fish for feng shui

Dear Aunt Agga,
I love to keep aquarium fish. I was wondering what types of fish are good to keep, and what is the best number of fish? Can I keep any type of fish, and any number of fish? Or is some number, or type of fish, considered not good feng shui? How about the size and shape of the tank and where to place it?
Many thanks, Tony.

From a feng shui standpoint, I would recommend goldfish. You should keep 8 red goldfish and one black one in any one tank. Another extremely auspicious fish is the arowana. This fish is said to bring instant wealth and should be kept either singly or in fives. However, many owners of arowanas feed their arowana live bait. I do not recommend this as it is bad for one’s karma. A good alternative is to feed them frozen worms. Good luck! and enjoy your fish.
Love, Aunt Agga.

Fuk, Luk, Sau

Dear Aunt Agga,
With these three Fuk, Luk and Sau please can you give the order in which they stand together and does Sau stand to the left or right when the three are looked at? Also, in the hall, do they face towards the entrance or away from the entrance? If you can answer the above questions I would be very grateful.
Many Thanks, Simon.

When you look at them, Sau should be on the right. (i.e. from left to right, the order should be Fuk, Luk, Sau). As for where to place them, it is better to place them in your dining room, rather than in your hall.
Love, Aunt Agga.

South front door & the 5 yellow

Dear Aunt Agga,
I have just purchased my first home and it has a peak in the front where my front door is located, and my house faces South. I am aware that the peak represents Fire and last year I feared the Five Yellow star, so when we moved in, I immediately painted the door blue. I would like to pick a colour for the front door like a burgundy. Will this affect the Fire and cause us harm? I am new to the world of feng shui but I understand that the front entrance is very important, and I would love to increase our fortunes and blessings. Please advise.
Sincerely, G.A. Bertolami.

Dear Mr Bertolami,
This year the South is no longer afflicted by the Five Yellow star, so you must paint out the blue. Burgundy is fine, but note that the South has the ‘3-killings’ this year, so do not disturb this area too much.
Love, Aunt Agga.

Correct use of Pa Kua mirror

Dear Aunt Agga,
Perhaps you can answer a question for me. It concerns a good friend of mine, who I introduced to feng shui. I have never seen feng shui “cures” take effect as quickly with anybody. Her question is, she put up a pa kua mirror outside of her front door. During a storm, it was knocked down from its “perch”. She wants to know this: when she replaces it, does a certain trigram need to be facing a certain direction to encourage what the trigram represents on the mirror? Thank you. I will be looking forward to your reply.
Sincerely, Hookui

Dear Hookui,
Was the pa kua to counter a poison arrow? It seems like it was not strong enough. Make sure you use a pa kua with the Early Heaven arrangement of the trigrams, with the chien trigram on top.
Love, Aunt Agga.

What is a Chi Lin?

Dear Aunt Agga,
Please tell me what a chi lin is and where can I purchase one?
Thank you, Chan Wan Kee .

Dear Mr Chan,
Chi lin or Kirin or Qirin is the Chinese name for the Chinese Unicorn. You should be able to purchase a chi lin from Dragon Gate. Click here to visit their website.
Love, Aunt Agga.

5 or 6 rod windchime better?

Dear Aunt Agga,
I have Lillian Too’s Personalised Feng Shui Tips, published in June 1998. Referring to the chapter ‘Pressing down the nasty Five Yellow’, Tip 94 at page 94, it was stated the windchimes used should have five solid rods.
But why is it that on Lillian Too’s special appearance on Money Matters (over TV3 on the 12 February 2000) she mentions that the winchimes used should have 6 rods? Which one am I suppose to follow?
From, Julian.

Dear Julian,
The 5 rods windchime is good for pressing down bad luck due to poison arrows. The 6 rods is to press down on bad luck caused by the Five Yellow, which is in the North this year. It has to do with elements. both 5 and 6 rods are strong …
Love, Aunt Agga.

Aunt Agga relies on Symbolic Feng Shui, and her advice relates mainly to Chinese cultural items rather than to professional Classical Feng Shui or Flying Stars consultation.



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