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Letters Edition 1

Cheeky request

I recently received your flyer advertising your new publication, Feng Shui for Modern Living, and was extremely excited to learn that there will soon be a specific magazine covering this fascinating subject.

I understand you will be holding a launch party for the magazine sometime around Chinese New Year and I know that this is a very cheeky request (they do say though that if you don’t ask you don’t get!) but would it be possible to come along? I imagine it would be a great opportunity to meet other people with a keen interest in this subject and I am cultivating every opportunity to do so.

Ms B C, Surrey, UK

Money’s to tight to mention


Lately I can’t seem to hang on to money. Could this have something to do with moving into a new apartment or is it just my poor budgeting skills?

J.N.C, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

I’m sure that most people will agree that moving house is one of life’s most stressful moments, not to mention a strain on the hip pocket. However, there is much that can be done to stop your money from going down the drain. Placing certain items in the Wealth sector in the southeast corner, such as wooden objects, aquariums, and small, round leaved plants like the Chinese jade plant, can all be used to enhance wealth prospects. In addition, by placing ancient Chinese coins tied together with red thread on the southeast corner of your work desk will further energize your money luck. Keep the toilet seat down at all times and make sure all dripping taps are fixed as soon as possible as they both symbolise the ‘flushing away’ of money. As for your budgeting skills, a little knowledge is a powerful thing!

Seven year itch

I was recently retrenched from my job of 7 years and can’t seem to get enthusiastic about my future career prospects. Is there anything that feng shui can do to help me prepare for those gruelling job interviews?

Mrs A T, Westchester, NY, US

There are many things that can be done to increase your chances of success at that all important job interview. To activate career luck it is necessary to activate the career sector which can be located in the North corner of the home. Place a fountain or aquarium in this sector and all the occupants of the house will experience better career prospects. To increase individual career luck you will need to work out your personal kua number. For example, to work out a females kua number you need to add the last two digits of the Chinese year of birth, eg. 1948, 4+8=12. If the sum is higher than ten, then reduce it to a single digit by adding them, eg. 1+2=3. Then add 5 eg. 3+5=8. Therefore a female born in 1948 will have a kua number of 8 and their best career direction would be Northeast. Therefore, by facing Northeast when sleeping or eating, the career prospects of the woman born in 1948 will increase immeasurably. It never goes astray either to stay positive and keep smiling.

Norman’s Wisdom

I have practised feng shui for many years and although I am no expert on the subject, I have never advocated that feng shui is a panacea for all of the ills and problems that beset us, either individually, as a family or as a society. I believe a word of caution would not go amiss. Psychologically, the proper use of fitments, colour, tidiness and space can all have beneficial effects on the people living in flats and houses. Also, mirrors, proper lighting and red ribbons may help the user to be more outgoing or study better, all of which are of tremendous assistance to us when framing the future or improving the present. But let us not destroy the good that lies within feng shui, let us instead put it within its proper framework and help it to help us in our physical and psychological needs. Feng shui is more than just a shopping list of subjects.

Mr N L, Sheffield, UK




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