Finding Your Way Around The Luopan – with GM Dr Stephen Skinner

“There are many different luopans in the marketplace today, with each master including his favourite rings, formulae or School. It is the prime instrument of all professional consultants and masters. All good luopans use the Earth’s magnetic field and precise astronomical data to determine the alignments and timings which are at the heart of feng shui, but some of these rings still use old data recorded in 960 or 1644 CE.

The Golden Hoard Zong He luopan, designed by myself and Dr. Jin Peh, have updated these rings to the current period and for ease of use included a Luopan Handbook providing a detailed ring-by-ring description.

This 1 day pre-IFSC class aims to take you from the history of the luopan through to an explanation of what each ring on the Golden Hoard luopan does and how to use it.”

– GM Dr Stephen Skinner