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The Importance of a Feng Shui Assessment – Inside and Out

It wasn’t typical but It looked great on paper. A Feng Shui Audit that proved the test of time.

Long before sledge hammers obliterated the interior of an original 1925 Heritage Home, steps away from Toronto’s High Park, an architect was hired and much Feng Shui philosophy was studied and mapped out. 

Having lived in the building for just over a decade, the Home Owners had already known the sunniest windows, best views and easiest traffic patterns. They also knew a major renovation would allow them to customize their home, modernize it and that they’d benefit from a complete re-birthing of its energy.


The entire interior was demolished. The basement floor was cut up to accommodate new plumbing.  Windows were enlarged, redone and older skylights were replaced. All that remained was the skeletal walls of the exterior and the frame work of the central stairs. New

House, New Flying Stars alignment and a second chance on life that suited this Couple as they continued to raise their children and enjoy good health, happiness and financial success.

Xuan Kong, Flying Star feng shui or Xuan Kong Fei Xing is a discipline in Feng Shui which concentrates on the integration of the principles of Yin Yang, the interactions between the five elements, the eight Trigram’s, the Lo shu numbers and the 24 Mountains. The practice uses time, space and objects. All combined, the ability to use Flying Stars is an Art Form and is dependent on how beautiful – energy manipulation looks and feels. 

Not every home has a perfect chart.  Not every home has classic land forms around it and most importantly, no one ever completely knows what to expect from Flying Stars unless they actually live in the environment and sense something is problematic. As for this home redo, fortunately the centre stars, facing direction and quality of qi that entered the front door, suited the Husband & Wife’s ambitions.  

In the end, the best word of advice I gave the Homeowners, was that –   “Bring the good stars in, block the difficult ones and make the first floor open concept so the ruling water star can reach and heal all the areas of the house

~  Master Donna Johnson FSRC Canada

The property’s layout was complex and needed attention. It was not too difficult to rectify.

The Home was not squarely in the middle of the lot, the back yard was shallow and there was another home very close to its back corner.  Because the House sits cradled into a plateaued hillside and is hugged by a curved street side Crescent, it looked like a bowed, triangular shape.To fix that irregular dimension, they squared it off with a low barrier and added lush woodland landscaping.  Today the original point is cleverly disguised and barely noticeable.  

Jade Belt configuration (identified by Water Theory Practice)

From an aerial perspective, the lot is observed to have a Jade Belt configuration (identified by Water Theory Practice), Its presence, created by a City Street has become a delightful Outside influence that actually, positively affects the interior Feng Shui of the Home. The well treed gardens, create an idyllic, secret garden feel that is enjoyed by all. 

Because of the varied elevations surrounding the building, a strong, sturdy fence was erected at the rear of the House to serve as a protective element, its height provides privacy for an elevated concrete patio. Alfresco dining is like sitting in treetops. 

Unexpectedly, some of the land’s quirky characteristics wound up being interesting features that actually support interior stars for the better and create magical outdoor spaces that enhance the property’s uniqueness.

Living in harmony with the land is the whole idea behind Feng Shui, pair that with the luck you have been born into, the luck you self create and the influences of the people who you share your life with. It’s really just that simple.  Feng Shui isn’t always the root cause. Always remember, if life isn’t broke – don’t try to fix it!  Work with the Stars, not against them.

Sometimes Feng Shui tells a story of how one’s life is really supposed to play out and a lesson in working with, what you have been given.



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