Author: Master Dr Sabine Kullak

Master Dr. Sabine Kullak (AFSM) holds a PhD in Organizational and Environmental Psychology and has a long track record in Leadership Development, Executive Advise and Career Coaching. While living and working in China for over 6 years, she developed her passion for Chinese Life Sciences and has become familiar with its practical implications in daily life. Sabine is a graduate of Grand Master Raymond Lo’s School for Feng Shui & Destiny, Hong Kong, and an Accredited Master of Feng Shui by the International Feng Shui Association, Singapore. She has been succesfully delivering Feng Shui and Ba Zi Suan Ming consultations and trainings for both Western and Asian clients.
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Navigating your Career with Ba Zi Suan Ming What role the 5 Elements can play in Selecting your Career

When browsing career websites today, individuals will come across many articles providing tips for career success as “Choose Your Profession Wisely”, or “If you are missing a skill or have some other shortcoming, take whatever…