from the publisher Edition 3

Feng Shui for Modern Living Vol 1 Ed 3

Looking at the rush of home decor magazines coming out recently one might be tempted to conclude that the spirit of the age is minimalism.

Although good feng shui is quite often linked to clearing up the clutter in our homes, our work spaces or our lives, minimalism is not feng shui. You can have quite full rooms designed in such a way that the ch’i flows gently around corners and does not either stagnate or rush through too rapidly. I would not like our regular articles on modern living to imply that you need to throw out all your furniture in order to improve your feng shui. This is not the case.

Over the last few weeks I have been travelling extensively through Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East, talking with the local feng shui men and women and, of course, magazine distributors. There seems to be an amazing thirst for information about feng shui, and even though among some Chinese devotees there is an initial reservation about a magazine produced in the UK, on the whole there has been universal pleasure at ‘the coming of age’ of the subject, and its embodiment in this magazine.

I met many old friends in the East, some of whom I first met in the mid-seventies and who may, in due course, be featured in the magazine. In addition I met many other practitioners, manufacturers of lo p’ans and retailers of feng shui equipment, all of whom had extraordinary tales to tell. In Mongkok in Hong Kong there were whole streets where every second entrance had some feng shui device or

other, designed to attract in more customers. In this issue Raymond Lo describes the overall feng shui of Hong Kong and how it is likely to change over the coming years. During May I will have been in the USA talking to practitioners, and helping to expand our circulation there.

Publishers like Asiapac are even doing books of feng shui comics which have the double benefit of being both very amusing, and at the same time surprisingly instructive about some feng shui concepts which we tend to take for granted.

We have added a Singapore correspondent to our staff and plan to include more international news in the magazine, so readers can appreciate that feng shui is a force for the good worldwide.



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