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Update your Flying Stars for Period 9

Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun) – In classical Feng Shui there are three cycles and nine periods (each period is 20 years); and from February 4th, 2024, we have moved from Period 8 to Period 9.

The 9 star becomes the prosperous star, so therefore Palaces with the 9 mountain or water star will promote beneficial energies to occupants.


But there is an even bigger change than simply the 9 becoming the luckiest star. 9 in other periods magnifies other stars; but in Period 9 it comes to its own. E.g., In period 8, a palace that had 7 (as Mountain Star) and 9 (as Water Star), would not have been a very nice Palace, because 9 would have magnified the out-of-period 7 star. But in Period 9, 7-9 would mean that 9 would melt the 7, and make the palace conducive for wealth generation.

You may have some masters say, “please move houses now”; or “rebuild your roof” etc. However, this is not necessary, as the right course of action would be to look at each Palace from the Natal Chart of the house and examine the energies according to the 9 changing its personality from being a magnifier; to becoming the auspicious star. Then ask yourself “What changes in each palace?”  Following that you should then overlap your diagnosis with annual stars to enhance or cure the palace further.

In Period 9, the Flying Star 9 (Li) brings wealth and good health. Within the five-element Wu Xing system 五行, the element of fire relates to passion, communication, enthusiasm, sophistication, sociability, courage, and passion.

Back in history – in 1844-1864 when we had the previous Period 9, some significant changes happened. Let’s take a quick look back:

Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, Maryland, on May 24, 1844. The historic message “What hath God wrought” marked the inauguration of the telegraph system.

In 1844, the UK Parliament passed a Factories Law, which in effect was the first health and safety act in Britain.

Civil war in the US (1844-1877). Right at the beginning of the previous Period 9, the United States could no longer remain half-slave and half-free. The civil war that followed ripped through the country.

This gives us a hint of how in Period 9, some things could end and allow for big transformations to start.

So, what should you do to strengthen your home in Period 9?  

Firstly, you should activate or support the 9 in the Palaces where it exists, as the most significant stars in your Natal Chart are now the 9 Mountain and 9 Water Stars. The Annual Star 9 will also be potent.

Let’s look at how you should apply 9 enhancements based on the Natal Chart.

1-9/ 9-1:   Candle with water-oil burner. Candles floating in water.

2-9/9-2: There are debates on whether 2 is usable. But if possible don’t take risks, and salt-water-in-bowl-with coins is recommended during Period 9. Alternatively wooden traditional Wulu.

3-9/ 4-9; 9-3/9-4: Leave it alone, don’t do anything. 3-9 or 4-9 would be good as studies for artists, writers etc. 3 is supposed to be more-timely, however personally I have found 4 often as usable/or not as 3.

5-9/ 9-5: 9 may melt metal, so the regular chimes may not be enough. You should ideally put a growing plant – wood controlling earth.

6-9/9-6: Don’t do anything. 9-6 is better as a bedroom than 6-9. The metal-fire clash may make this Palace unsuitable.

7-9/9-7: Candles. 9-7 is better as a bedroom than 7-9.

8-9/9-8: Crystal and incense (fire leading to ash – symbolic of earth). Brilliant room. One of the best combinations for the period.

9-9: Light candle. Most auspicious Palace – bedroom, living room, study.

Be careful about fire risks during period 9. And if you light candles, be cautious that the candle is well protected.



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