Chinese New Year

2021 Important Auspicious Dates

2021 year of the Ox

Auspicious Dates for Sweeping

To usher in an auspicious year in 2021, it is a tradition to perform a thorough cleaning by sweeping away the dust. It represents a desire to put away old things, bid farewell to the old year, wash away the misfortunes and welcome in the New Year.

After performing a thorough cleaning, people will post spring couplets on doors and windows. The most common couplet is the single Chinese character Fu (luck) posted upside down as “upside down Fu” is portrayed as “Luck arrived”. People believe that by doing this, luck will soon arrive at their home.

Auspicious Dates for Sweeping

Gregorian Dates – Lunar Date – Auspicious Hour

30/1/2021 – 18th Lunar – Dragon (7 – 9am), Snake (9 – 11am)

01/2/2021 – 20th Lunar – Dragon (7 – 9am), Snake (9 – 11am)

09/2/2021 – 28th Lunar – Rabbit (5 – 7am), Horse (11 – 13am)

Dates for Reception of Wealth God


According to an old folklore, the Wealth God will show up on the 2nd Lunar New Year to bring on wealth and prosperity to each and every household. Time and direction of the Wealth God will change every year. In addition, be careful on the clashed zodiac and not to join welcoming rituals.

Auspicious Date – Lunar Date – Conflicting Zodiac Sign – Auspicious Hour

13/2/2021 – 2 th Lunar – Dog – Dragon (7 – 9am), Snake (9 – 11am)

Date for Appeasing Tai Sui – Offering to Grand Duke Jupiter

The Grand Duke Jupiter, or Tai Sui, is a powerful astrological energy that annually takes a turn in controlling the fortunes of mankind. There are 60 different stars, each corresponding to a different general. Those signs that have a conflict with Tai Sui would be wise to take time to pray to Tai Sui to appease him. In 2021, the governing military general is Tang Xin General.

The following are animal signs of Fan Tai Sui in 2021:

  1. Same Zodiac Year Conflict: born in Ox years.
  2. Conflict with Tai Sui: born in Goat years.
  3. Penalty Tai Sui Conflict: born in Dog years.
  4. Harm Tai Sui Conflict: born in Horse years.
  5. Destruction Tai Sui Conflict: born in Dragon years.

Gregorian Dates – Lunar Date – Auspicious Hour

15/2/2021 – 4th Lunar – Snake (9 – 11am)

18/2/2021 – 7th Lunar – Horse (11 – 13am)

21/2/2021 – 10th Lunar – Ox (1 – 3am), Tiger (3 – 5am), Snake (9 – 11am)

Date of Sending Off Kitchen God

The Kitchen God, or Stove God, is the most important of all Vietnamese domestic deities that protect the family. It is a tradition to make an offering to him on the day he returns to Heaven to give his New Year’s report to the Jade Emperor.

Usually in offerings to the Kitchen God, people traditionally “bribe” him with sweet treats so that his lips are stuck together.  Therefore, he won’t say anything bad about their families.

In the Northern part of Vietnam, some Vietnamese will release carps to the river, which they believed is a form of transportation used by the Kitchen God to Heaven. The reason for this is because carps will transform into dragons and they will fly off to the sky.

Auspicious Date – Lunar Date – Conflicting Zodiac Sign – Auspicious Hour

3/2/2021 – 22th Lunar – Mouse – Rabbit (5 – 7am), Rooster (5 – 7pm)

Date for Discontinuation of Work

Whatever type of business you are in, small business owner, big corporation, or an entrepreneur, you should choose an auspicious date to discontinue work before Lunar New Year.

Auspicious Date – Lunar Date –Conflicting Zodiac Sign

6/2/2021 – 25th Lunar – Tiger

10/2/2021 – 30th Lunar – Goat

Lunar New Year’s Eve (February 11th 2021)

Lunar New Year Metal Ox (Feb 12th – 14th 2021)

Lunar New Year First Day Visit (Feb 12th 2021)

On the 1st day of the 1st lunar month, grandparents and parents will give lì xì (red envelops filled with lucky money) to kids and unmarried adults. There are a few taboos on this occasion, which will bring bad luck. For example, you should try to avoid arguments, crying and saying controversial words. People believed that sweeping the floor in the first 3 days of the Lunar New Year will sweep away good luck.

The following are the auspicious periods for Lunar New Year First Day Visit

* On 1st day visit, people tend to visit relatives, close friends or temples.

Time – Direction – Compatible Zodiac Sign

0h05m – North – Mouse, Ox, Snake, Rooster

3h05m – North East or South West – Tiger, Horse, Dog

5h05m – South East – Pig, Rabbit, Goat

7h05m – North – Monkey, Mouse, Dragon

9h05m – North or South – Snake, Rooster, Ox 11h05m – North, South or North East – Tiger, Horse, Dog

Dates for Commencement of Work

The following are the auspicious dates and hours for Commencement of Work after enjoying Lunar New Year. We calculate on the direction of shops, offices and zodiac sign of owners using knowledge of San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia by Great Grand Master Liu Bo Wen.

Lunar Date – Time – Direction – Conflicting Zodiac Sign

04th Lunar – 5h11m, 11h10m – South/South East – Mouse

08th Lunar – 7h12m, 9h12m – West – Dragon

10th Lunar – 9h12m – North/North West – Horse



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