Author: Royston Low

Royston H Low (PhD ND, MRO, FbAcA) is one of the founders of acupuncture in Great Britain. Qualifying as an osteopath in 1953, he has been practising acupuncture since 1961. He is a past President and Fellow of the British Acupuncture Association, Chairman of the Acupuncture Research Association, past Dean and Senior Lecturer of the British College of Acupuncture, Founding Governor and Senior Lecturer of the Anglo-Dutch College of Acupuncture, Dean of the National College of Acupuncture of Ireland and past President of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. He is author of seven standard text books on various aspects of acupuncture, including The Celestial Stems and The Secondary Vessels Of Acupuncture.