2020 Qi Men Dun Jia Forecast The Year The Earth Stood Still


Do we tend to exaggerate in our annual forecasts? Maybe just a bit… This year for some reason, whatever we have forecast seems pale in comparison with what we are seeing on the news.

Many have forecast the viral infections spreading, including myself, but let us be frank, the viruses come and go every year. It has never been such a big deal. It was the scale of the virus-related events as we saw on the media, which was not quite what we had expected.

This year, the difference between the reality shown by the media and the reality seen through the prism of metaphysical concepts, seems to be enormous. Could this have something to do with the interpretation?


From the Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) perspective, the annual events are determined by the character of the annual chart. The chart for 庚子 Geng Zi is ‘loud’. It is full of internal clashes. Good or bad, the clashes, as we know, generate movement. All the doors in the annual chart are either weak or voided, except for one, 死 Death door. It is in its prime strength.

Apart from the character of the chart, we decode the interaction between the components. Every component has multiple meanings and multiple possibilities for interpretation. There is also an annual hexagram, and the Purple White Stars (often referred to as Flying Stars). They are not equivalent. Purple White Stars are one variation of Flying Stars, which often contradicts the ‘normal’ Flying Stars.    

Annual Hexagram

This year the QMDJ annual hexagram is #44 姤Gou. The top five solid lines (Yang 爻 yao) are resting on a single broken line (Yin 爻 yao). What happens when we build a structure on a cracked foundation? Sooner or later it collapses unless it gets fixed. This is what the big picture of 2020 is about.

From the perspective of Yin-Yang theory, the Yin and the Yang are not balanced. The Yin is under pressure from Yang. It is this pressure which makes the Yin so resilient. It is frustrated, as it has nothing to lose. So, it forces its way up, to restore the balance.

If we translate this hexagram into socio-economic structure, it becomes obvious that changes come from the bottom. As the Yin climbs upwards, we begin to see the issues of women, indigenous people, refugees, and the racial minorities coming to public attention. We hear the news about the nursing homes and childcare centers. We hear the stories about the poor and unemployed queuing for food.

The viruses and bacteria also belong to Yin yao, as they are at the very bottom of the food chain and at the bottom of the hierarchy of living creatures on this planet. They are the tiniest living organisms which we know so little about. We pretend that they are not around, but the thing is… they are! This year, these tiny invisible creatures have made it all the way to our TV screens. Not only that, they were powerful enough to change the way we live.

If we search for solutions, we can follow the same logic. The answers are here in the hexagram. They have to do with restoring the balance in the way we live as a society and as individuals. Regarding the current health crisis, clearly it cannot be resolved without common sense (a balanced approach).

Rather than fighting the disease with the cocktail of chemicals injected into our bodies, we need to restore the Yin-Yang balance. We need to strengthen the Yin (the life essence). We need to rest more, we need to adjust our lifestyle and diet, so that the Yin of the body is nourished. This would help to restore the foundational strength, so that we can co-exist with viruses which are integral part of our living environment.

Annual Purple White Star#7 Po Jun

The annual Purple White Star (PWS) #7 Po Jun is related to 兑 Dui ☱ Marsh trigram. It is associated with the youngest daughter in the family and with all things cute and girly, such as singing, sex appeal and chit-chat. It also represents magic and divination. This year, we are witnessing an unprecedented interest in metaphysics and esoteric knowledge.

Other meanings of Po Jun relate to crime, surgery, stabbing and military conflict. Such a disparity in meanings may seem to be strange, but if we think of marsh being a dangerous place, which pulls you in, this makes sense.

兑 Dui trigram belongs to 金 Metal element, representing precious metals, rare earth minerals and sophisticated weapons.

As we rely more on technology, the control over the rare earth minerals becomes a matter of strategic importance for major world powers. For country such as the US, it is a matter of national security, as the advanced military equipment cannot be produced without lithium, neodymium, and other rare metals. The biggest supplier of these is China. The largest unexplored deposits of rare earth minerals are in North Korea.

In combination with 庚 Geng at the center of the chart, PWS#7 hints to a possibility of the military conflict in South East Asia and to a reason for it. 

These are 12 Global Trends which we will continue seeing for the rest of the year:

1.      Trade War between the US and China

2.      Possibility of Military Standoff

3.      Crime & Robberies

4.      Advances in Medical Science (genetics, surgery, research)

5.      Advances in Space

6.      Trains Crashes

7.      Problems in Aviation and Tourism Industry

8.      Mining Accidents, Explosions

9.      Historical Buildings on Fire

10.  Stabbings, Shootings and Bleeding

11.  Demolished buildings

12.  Violent Protests, Prisoner Riots

Second Half of the Year

In QMDJ the second half of the year begins with the Summer Solstice. It corresponds to 离Li palace. 壬午 Ren Wu month of June has been ‘hot’ with the BLM protests, with rioting, looting and vandalism. In the chart this is reflected in 离 Li and 坎 Kan palaces.

The Deity of Theft 玄武 Tortoise (水 Water) is in 离 Li (火 Fire). In this palace 玄武 Tortoise can fully express its nature, as it comes with the original door of wealth, 生 Grow. Taken for location, 离 Li can represent a capital city, downtown or a marketplace. This is where the looting has taken place.

离 Li can also represent the stock market. In June, as we know, it has been extremely volatile, thanks to presence of this inauspicious deity.

The annual PWS#2 (土Earth) in 离 Li (火Fire) is associated with ☷ 坤Kun trigram. In this context, it stands for mob.  It is being produced by the palace making it strong. The damage caused by the angry protesters has been unprecedented. The images of vandalized statues many of us will remember for a long time.

The chart reflects vandalism through the following combination in 坎Kan:

死Death (archives, land, history) + 天英 Grace (monuments) + 腾蛇 Snake (evil force, irrational behaviour, mentally unstable people). Annual PWS#3 (木 Wood) relates to 震Zhen (☳ Thunder) and it stands for swift action and aggression. This force is being produced by the palace (水 Water).


We are half-way through 2020 and it is obvious, that the old reality is giving way to something new, which is yet to shape out.  We are at the cross-roads.

The main events for July are shaped by 震 Zhen and 兑 Dui palaces, as this is where we find the interaction between the annual PWS#5 (in Zhen) and monthly PWS#5 (in Dui). Given the components here, we may expect further deterioration of US-China relationship. There is also a possibility of military conflict, as the 伤 Hurt (木 Wood) and 白虎 Tiger (金 Metal) is not a friendly mix.

In July we will see the worsening of the pandemic. 辛 Xin is revealed as a part of inauspicious 辛Xin – 癸Gui stem combination. 辛 represents a virus, a poison, and all things dangerous. Seating on its output (HO), it is active and strong, as the palace supports it. 伤 Hurt carries fast energy, and because the doors in QMDJ represent human action, we may conclude that the virus will be spreading fast, because of people’s behaviour.

The monthly PWS#9 may bring the numbers of infected to extreme. It is highly likely that the second wave could be dramatic in countries, such as India, or in places corresponding to SW location.

Being a symbol of value, 辛 Xin in 辛癸 combination is being drained, and although 辛 is supported by the palace, the 天蓬 Shower points to extreme market volatility.

There is also a possibility of abnormal weather patterns, including heavy rains, landslides, and floods. This may result in dam bursting in a populated area.

If we take ☷ 坤 Kun for protective barrier, and 白虎 Tiger for smashing force, we could assemble these components to symbolise collapsing barriers, resulting in devastation.

The earthquakes are also possible, especially in coastal areas corresponding to N direction. When PWS#8 flies into 坎 Kan in July, 死 Death with 天英 Snake and annual PWS#3 become a frightening combination.

In August we may expect to see more violent protests. Sharp and aggressive PWS#3 (☳ Thunder) flies into Qian (金 Metal). The authority is challenged. We may see more police and ground troops in the cities. We may also see unfortunate events related to animals.

From September we will start hearing more about the banks and museums. The PWS#4 (☴ Wind) flies into 艮Gen palace (☶ Mountain), disturbing it. This combination creates the possibility of tornadoes and earthquakes.

There is a likelihood of water contamination or medication poisoning during this time. Some form of nuclear activity is also possible. While the 值 符Chief is in 艮Gen points to the seriousness of the events, it may also indicate that the authorities will be able to keep things under control.

The monthly PSW#9 flies into the centre of the chart in October bringing things to light. We may hear new revelations about intelligence services and the world elites.

During the October and November, we can expect to see disintegration of the existing socio-economic system and deterioration of the global security. The governments will be put under extreme pressure. 乾Qian (金Metal) represents the Father or Authority, it is under pressure from the 景 Scene (火 Fire) and 天禽 Beast (火 Fire).

天禽 Beast is the strongest force in the chart. Like an Emperor, it cannot be opposed or controlled. The authority (乾Qian) does not like being questioned or stripped of power, and it looks like this is likely to happen in at least, one of the ‘kingdoms’. It is possible that one of the major world powers could become unstable, with the historical buildings set ablaze and people fighting on the streets.

In November we may witness the beginning of revolutionary changes. By this time, the pandemic may spiral out of control. This can be concluded from what is happening in 坤 Kun, which by default relates to health, death and transformation. As it receives the PWS#5 in November, the transformation is initiated. This is the point of no return.

Social instability, health crisis and disintegration of global economy as we know it, will be apparent by the time we reach December. Things will start gradually calming down around the Winter Solstice.

Going back to the annual hexagram and its symbol of unstable structure, we may say that it will have collapsed by the end of the year. This is when things will come to stand still, which is represented by Fu Yin of the annual and monthly stars in December.

The annual 2021 chart is a complete Fu Yin, with all the components taking their original positions. The show is over, everyone goes home. Including the Emperor.

In Chinese metaphysics, the Fu Yin charts are considered inauspicious. There is not much can be done to improve the situation. It is a waiting game. By then, we will have learnt to be patient.

Even though the most dramatic events of 2020 could have taken place in far-away lands, it is possible that we could all feel exhausted, mentally, as well as emotionally. We feel other people’s pain, as we are all connected.

At the beginning of 2021 most of us will not know what to do or where to go, but it will be clear that before we do anything, we will need to pick the pieces up first.



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