International Feng Shui Convention 2019 – Singapore FSML Snaps from the 16th IFSC in November 2019

The 16th annual  International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) was recently held in Singapore.  The theme for this year was The Book of Changes – One Tradition, Various Applications

FSML was there for this 2 day event and we were on hand to capture some of the highlights for our readers

Eastern culture has been flourishing and evolving since time immemorial, as has its rich heritage of literary works, immortalized by the flow of time. Amongst the most famous of these, is the I-Ching (Yijing) – a Classic which has been hailed as the epitome of the category, and one of the foundations of Chinese culture. The I-Ching is based on simple concepts like Yin and Yang, but incorporates great complexity, comprising the dynamic theory of change which governs our lives and the flow of events.

IFSC 2019 PDF Program
IFSC 2019 PDF Program

The apparent simplicity of the I-Ching has allowed its reach to be extensive, while its complexity has allowed for limitless variations and interpretations. We could even say that Qi gong, San Yuan Feng Shui, Bazi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mei Hua Yi Shu (Plum Blossom divination), Qi Men Dun Jia, and even modern computing technology – all stem from the knowledge of I-Ching. As such, the convention this year shall revolve around the exploration of the I-Ching, and how it has naturally developed into such a complex, malleable form of practical knowledge.




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