The Perfect Seasonal Table Setting Dressing for the holidays


Using gentle Earth tones and enlivening contrasts of rich colour, interior designer Kelly Hoppen has designed, exclusively for FSML,  the perfect seasonal table setting

With a natural range of colours and some deep accents of orange Kelly Hoppen has created a table setting that is both rich and sensual. The table has been decorated with some enticing fabrics, candles and flowers that help create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.


Moving away from the more traditional seasonal colours of red and green, Kelly has used warm Earth colours in her design with splashes of richer, fierier hues.

Linen napkins and table runners in taupe are the perfect colours for entertaining as they are gentle on the eye and help slow the flow of ch’i energy producing a calmer environment. The dinner plates echo the colour of the linens and make for a simple, yet stylish table setting.


Kelly has included large black platters, which sit under the dinner plates, as well as some dainty black vases to add a sense of depth and mystery to the design. They also create an elegant backdrop to this natural and neutral scheme.

Other tones include the rich brown of the wooden dining table as well as some wonderful punches of green provided by the ivy and the rosemary which subtly decorate the table. These shades of green are calming and harmonious.

Vibrant shades of orange complete the colour scheme and add to the intimate yet sensual atmosphere of the table. Hues of mango juxtapose with fierier oranges, all of which are softened by the pale golden flickering glow of candlelight. Orange is a particularly festive and welcoming colour to use as it can help stimulate the appetite and create a lively atmosphere.

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The Nub Of The Matter

Textures also harmonise and balance. Nubby linens, the soft smooth texture of waxed pears and the rough surface of wood contrast with shinier, more reflective materials such as the pewter cutlery and the sparkling glasses. Leaves collected from outdoors add a further layer of texture and act as small place mats for the cutlery. The pitted surface of the oranges covered in cloves and the smooth surface of the ivy leaves wound around pieces of wood all add to the textural effect.

Seductive, soothing scents further enhance the festive feel of this table design. Delicious, delicate smells from the heady perfume of the cloves, the rich aroma of the oranges, the sweet perfume of the lilies and the subtle yet delicate scent of the rosemary mellow and soften the atmosphere creating a calm and balanced environment.

The fresh lilies, in feng shui terms, are particularly auspicious as they are reputed to be one of the most sacred and important flowers as every single part is symbolic. In general terms fresh flowers are important in table design as they send out more energy than plants and also help absorb stress and anger.

Candlelight is the most atmospheric light for dining and here Kelly has used a number of small night lights. Tiny pools of light don’t erect a barrier between guests, instead they cast a romantic mesmerising flicker which creates a glowing atmosphere for the table setting.

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Feng Shui Principles

In dressing this table for a holiday occasion Kelly Hoppen has used a number of feng shui principles. With its predominately earthy natural palette Kelly has punctuated the scheme with splashes of orange which is a particularly auspicious colour for entertaining.

Most of the Five Elements have been used in the design and coexist happily together. For example, the pewter cutlery represents the Metal Element, the dining table represents Wood, candles for Fire and the glasses are made of Earth and hold Water.



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