The Serenity of Yin Feng Shui The Traditional Chinese 'Armchair' Grave

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the feng shui practitioners of Fukien, the practice of yin or grave site feng shui was every bit as important as the yang feng shui of the houses of the living.

This is a splendid example of the feng shui master’s handiwork, a traditional Chinese armchair grave photographed a century ago, at Fuchow in the Fukien province of China. Note the way the scalloped back of the grave is set precisely into the South facing hill so as to concentrate the maximum quantity of beneficial ch’i.

The bones of the deceased are interred behind the centre panel faced by the single human figure. Either side of the ‘mouth’ of the grave is flanked by a protective lion. The pediment infront provides the ‘bright hall effect’ for the accumulation of ch’i. In the foreground is the Ming Tang pool.

The trees behind are designed to be higher and more vigorous on the right hand side of the photograph, the dragon side. The aim was to bring prosperity to the descendents.



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