Author: Master Gayle Smith

Gayle Smith is a master, teacher and mentor at the Feng Shui Research Center. Gayle is also director and founder of QiPlanning (理氣規劃 ). QiPlanning is a private consulting and education resource for classical feng shui. Since early 2000s Gayle has been a professional practitioner for both residential and commercial consults locally and internationally. In addition to her Feng Shui Higher Diploma, Gayle has earned diplomas in Environmental Protection, Chinese Nutritional Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Legal Assistant. As well as full time teaching and practicing, Gayle is a licensed realtor in the province of Ontario, Canada. Which specializes in the practice of buying and selling real estate using the principles of Classical Feng Shui. As an author Gayle has published a full compendium of Xuan Kong Formulas for the San Yuan Luopan.