Black Hat Sect (BHS) Feng Shui

A more recent school of thought which is widely practised in the USA is Black Hat Sect (BHS) feng shui or ‘Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist’ feng shui. Developed in the USA 15 years ago by Thomas Lin Yun, it is a hybrid of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and feng shui simplified for Western tastes. It has a huge cult following.

With this school of feng shui, rather than using the traditional magnetic compass or lo p’an to determine directions, each house or room is judged from the position of its door. BHS feng shui states that the main door to each room faces the Career sector. This may result in adjacent rooms or houses having apparently contradictory directions.

  • Popularised in America since 1986.
  • Based on a more spiritual approach to feng shui.
  • Refers to the Eight Trigrams as the ba gua.
  • Career sector of the Eight Trigrams is always oriented to the main door.