Case Study

Room For Improvement Part 3

After moving home, Kate felt her life was going completely off track. We offer some practical advice on feng shui improvements

Kate Gordon is a children’s counsellor and has lived in her garden flat since last May.  Ever since the move however, she has felt everything has been going wrong for her. Shortly after moving in, money just seemed to disappear into thin air and her relationship with her boyfriend Nick, has been balancing on a tightrope.

Personal Issues

Kate has never really felt comfortable in the garden flat despite painting the walls bright primary colours. It seems that both Kate and Nick have been arguing constantly and the cracks have started showing in their relationship. As he has just taken on a new job as the editor of a new publication, Nick has had to work long hours trying to get the project off the ground. Because of this, he hasn’t had the time to devote to his four-year relationship with Kate which has made her feel neglected. Graeme, Kate’s brother, has also moved into the spare room to alleviate the strain on her finances, however this has meant there is now a lack of privacy.

Problem Areas

The main entrance to the building faces East whilst the main door to the flat faces South-east. As this is an East House flat and Kate is a West Group person, both these entrances are inauspicious Directions for her. Once inside the building there is a staircase directly in front of the door leading upstairs to the other flats. In order to slow down the ch’i that enters the building, we suggest that some hollow windchimes be placed in the hall outside the front door of the flat.
Once inside the flat there is a long hallway that leads to Kate’s bedroom, effectively allowing a rush of ch’i to flow in through the door and race up to the bedroom.

Placing plants or another set of hollow windchimes near the centre of the hall (near the telephone) will help to slow it down. Directly opposite the front door in the North corner, is the bathroom. Although this is an ideal location for bathrooms because North is the quarter of the Element Water, it is inauspicious to have one facing the front door. This will cause all the good ch’i that comes into the flat to be flushed down the toilet. In order to stop this from happening, the bathroom door should be kept closed. The North side, symbolizing the Career aspiration, is activated by Water and as the bathroom is located here, all occupants of the flat should enjoy Career Luck. This has been true for Kate, Nick and Graeme as all of them have been appointed to new positions since they moved in.

In the kitchen, also located in the North corner, the ‘fire mouth’, or stove door, faces East. This isn’t very auspicious for the occupants, however, the ‘mouth’ faces the same direction as the main entrance to the building which is all right. The sink sits next to the stove and should be separated from it as Water puts out Fire.

The living room is quite a large open space located in the North-east sector of the flat, with beautiful bay windows that face onto the street. Behind the door, in the South-west corner, is an empty unit. This is in the Relationships/Romance sector and it is suggested that pictures of Kate and Nick together be placed on top of the unit alongside some crystals. Another romance enhancer could be the placement of an uplighter here as well. In order to activate the Wealth sector, the South-east corner of the flat needs to be energized. This can be achieved by placing an aquarium or large round leafed plant near the bookcase.

Kate’s bedroom is located in the South-west corner of the flat. Her bed is facing West, which is her sheng ch’i Direction, and this is her Best Direction for attracting prosperity. There are many items of furniture in the bedroom which would be better placed elsewhere in the flat. Some of these items, such as the computer and table, carry a lot of electromagnetic energy are associated with work rather than rest. Removing them from the bedroom will reduce the amount of stress in the room and on the relationship. Also, by moving the armchair from near the bed and replacing it with a bedside table with some flowers and pictures of the two of them in happier times, which will help to heal their rift.

There is a rather large paved L-shaped backyard at the back of the flat. In the South-west corner, outside Kate and Nick’s bedroom, lies quite a large pile of junk. As this corner is representative of the Relationships/Romance sector, it will have been a contributory factor behind some of the problems that Kate and Nick have encountered in their relationship. One obvious solution would be to clear all the rubbish away from here replacing it with Earth and Fire enhancers such as red flowers in a terracotta pot.


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